Ontario to Examine Ticket Sale Reforms, Bot Ban
After a period of public comment found widespread support for more transparent sales and a ban against automated ticket purchasing “Bots,” Ontario will be examining reforms to ticket selling legislation, according to The Canadian Press. Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi sought public feedback on the ticketing world, due in... Read more
Rapid Sellout Points to Speculative McCartney, Syracuse Fans Rather Than Brokers
It’s a familiar story to anyone following the ticket industry. Popular act books show. Fans get super excited to see that show. Tickets go on sale – and lots of fans don’t get tickets. Chorus of anger rises, with blame going towards the secondary market. In this most recent... Read more
Consumers Win Several Victories in Legislative Battles Over Ticket Rights
If there’s one unyielding reality in the world of consumer rights, it’s that every legislative session is filled with challenges to the ability of ticket holders to sell what they’ve legally purchased on the secondary market. Pressure from the primary market (and lobbyists representing it) push an agenda designed... Read more
Judge Orders Assets Seized in Latest From Nissen Case
Photo: Jason Nissen and model Brooklyn Decker at the 2013 Super Bowl. A judge ordered the seizure of cash and other assets from former National Event Ticket Co. (NECO) CEO Jason Nissen in response to a lawsuit brought by two investors in his alleged Ponzi scheme in New York.... Read more
Unique Coalition Led Ticket Holder’s Rights Fight in Connecticut    
Above: Democratic State Representative Bruce Morris, who introduced the legislation A unique coalition consisting of Connecticut Democrats and Republicans, as well as African-American leadership came together to support the passage of a bill guaranteeing transparency for entertainment and sports fans in Connecticut. As a result, the bill, HB7114, “An... Read more
Connecticut Consumers Win as Ticket Resale Protections Signed Into Law
by Sean Burns In a major victory for the rights of consumers, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed Public Act No. 17-28 into law on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Titled “An Act Concerning the Sale of Entertainment Event Tickets on the Secondary Market,” the act ensures that consumers holding... Read more
National Event Ticket Co Files for Bankruptcy in New York
The National Event Ticket Company has filed for bankruptcy protection, days after CEO Jason Nissen was hit with fraud charges for his role in an alleged Ponzi scheme, TicketNews has learned. Twitter user @Don Shano appears to have caught this filling first, posting a screenshot from Inforuptcy.com on Monday... Read more
Opinion: You Can’t Blame an Entire Industry for One Man’s Crime
Photo: Crowds outside hoping to score tickets to Hamilton – one of the premium events then-NECO CEO Jason Nissen allegedly defrauded investors looking to capitalize on. by Sean Burns Is it fair for the actions of one individual to be used to paint all those in that individual’s profession... Read more
NATB Stands by Members, Ethics Policy Following National Event Co. CEO Fraud Allegations
The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) defended its membership and stood by its code of ethics in the wake of National Event Co. (NECO) CEO Jason Nissen being charged with bilking investors of more than $70 million dollars on Tuesday, according to a statement issued by Gary Adler,... Read more
“Spinal Tap” Lawsuit Sheds Ugly Light on Industry Profit Math
A low-budget flop turned cult favorite, “This Is Spinal Tap” has spawned an entire movie genre and turned a fake band into a real touring act since its release in 1984. One thing it has never done, however, is make its creators any money, according to an article on... Read more