Rapid Sellout Points to Speculative McCartney, Syracuse Fans Rather Than Brokers
It’s a familiar story to anyone following the ticket industry. Popular act books show. Fans get super excited to see that show. Tickets go on sale – and lots of fans don’t get tickets. Chorus of anger rises, with blame going towards the secondary market. In this most recent... Read more
Rolling Stone Gets the Story Wrong Again: Adele IS Scalping Her Own Tickets
Rolling Stone recently reported that Adele was tryingto limit ticket scalpingto her shows, her manager stating that they did“everything within our power to get as many tickets as possible in the hands of the fans.”It would be nice to believe that the world is so pure and true that... Read more
Garth Brooks Teams Up with World’s Biggest Scalper – To Stop Ticket Scalping
Not too many years ago Top Class Actions and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that Ticketmaster settled a class action lawsuit for $16.5 million with irate Bruce Springsteen fans that were tricked into buying more expensive tickets on a resale website that it owned. On the day tickets... Read more
Who’s Really Scalping Ticket Buyers
When concerts are sold out minutes after going on sale, primary ticket sellers like Ticketmaster and artists themselves have been quick to point the finger at the secondary ticket market for buying the best tickets and pricing them above face value. They have even supported legislation in attempts to... Read more
Since 2007, New York state law has allowed the resale of tickets for profit; however, the law that legalized such resale expires this month, forcing the state legislature to reexamine the rules governing the secondary ticket market. While it is unlikely that New York will revert to an outright... Read more
By Alfred Branch, Jr. It appears that you can add Bon Jovi to the list of artists scalping tickets to their own shows for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars above face value. The New Jersey-bred band, headed by heartthrob Jon Bon Jovi, is currently on tour supporting its top-selling... Read more
By Alfred Branch, Jr. Van Halen may have figured out a way to put the “diamond” into Diamond David Lee Roth’s nickname. Following the lead of Beyonce and Lynyrd Skynyrd/Hank Williams, Jr., it appears that the veteran rockers may be scalping dozens of tickets for their upcoming 2008 shows,... Read more
Next Stop, State Senate By Alfred Branch, Jr. The Massachusetts House of Representatives Tuesday passed a proposed bill to allow unrestricted ticket reselling throughout the state. Now called H. 4251, the bill was passed overwhelmingly by a voice vote. Last week, the bill received unanimous support from the House... Read more
By Alfred Branch, Jr. A district court judge in Massachusetts has ruled that a state ticket brokerage violated anti-scalping laws in 2005 when tried to charge $500 for an $85 Boston Red Sox ticket. The decision calls into question a recent attempt by legislators to legalize ticket reselling in... Read more
By Jane Cohen and Bob Grossweiner As one of the six remaining states in the country observing anti-scalping laws, a repeal of Kentucky’s law does not appear to be in the Bluegrass State’s future any time soon. In October of last year, a federal appeals court ruled that Lexington’s... Read more