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Why did God invent ticket brokers?

By Darnell Goldson

Recently an article on ticket scalping appeared in The Bulletin, a newspaper in Oregon that was not particularly remarkable in any way, but did highlight through its predictable reporting the lack of understanding, and sometimes pure deficient journalism on this subject.

Garth Brooks Teams Up with World’s Biggest Scalper – To Stop Ticket Scalping

By Darnell Goldson

Not too many years ago Top Class Actions and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that Ticketmaste

World Cup Fever Hits the Ticket Industry

By Brian Salant, SuperIngressos

It is Game one of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees and all of America is yearning for a ticket to the game. Fans want to stand by their city – bask in the highs and lows, the glory of each home run and strikeout, and even the pain of a heartbreaking loss.

Ticket Summit to Return to Las Vegas in July

By Amanda Farrish, Ticket Summit

Ticket Summit®, the leading conference and trade show for the ticketing and live entertainment industry, will return to Las Vegas next month. The 2014 conference will be held July 16-18, 2014 at ARIA in Las Vegas.

Guest Commentary: Why Is The Secondary Ticket Sale Market Hated By Most Fans But Still Thriving?

By Andrew Parry

Fans continue to vent their anger online about being unable to get face value tickets for many concerts, sporting events and popular shows and most of their disdain is directed towards scalpers (or ‘touts’ for our UK readers). However, is it fair that professional scalpers selling tickets in the resale market should be singled out for criticism by the fans?

Guest Commentary: Do Profits Drive the Secondary Market?

By Eve Green

Event ticketing can be an emotional subject for many fans who are willing to pay huge premiums to see their favorite sports teams or music artists.

Guest Commentary: Creating Flames Within The Secondary Ticket Market

By Eve Green

The rapid development of technology over recent years has seen the numbers of consumers with smart phones soar, which in turn has led to the rise of mobile ticketing applications such as StubNut and a rise in the use of e-tickets.

Guest Commentary: The Future of Ticket Scalping Laws

By Brett Goldberg

Since 2007, New York state law has allowed the resale of tickets for profit; however, the law that legalized such resale expires this month, forcing the state legislature to reexamine the rules governing the secondary ticket market.

Guest Commentary: Seat-o-nomics

By Rick Lester

Harry Truman famously expressed a desire to consult only with "one-armed economists". Our 33rd President wasn't fond of counsel that began "On the one hand, this…" and was followed by "On the other hand, that…" Truman wanted straight talk without equivocation.

So, here is a bit of economic straight talk from the data vaults of TRG Arts. Forget everything you learned in that Econ 101 class you took in undergraduate school. You can also forget what you learned at Business School. It doesn't apply to tickets.

Guest Commentary: Facebook Commerce and ticketing

By Lynne King Smith

A few years ago, my husband and business partner returned from a networking meeting charged up about what he called "Facebook Bucks." He'd spoken with a leading credit card loyalty program provider, who was in early discussions with Facebook about moving their stream of commerce and points-based purchases to the social media giant. He's a true visionary, and he said, "This is where it's going. People are going to spend billions in that environment within the scope of several years."

It was at least a year later that we launched our Facebook Ticketing application that allowed for ticketing sales to happen on Facebook — not a link, or an iFrame, but an application, like Farmville — that is fully branded to the company, directly interfaced with the ticketing system, and secured. We watched with interest as other companies scrambled to launch their own version, and chuckled a little when Ticketmaster, the venerable ticketing giant, announced their version at INTIX this past January 2012.

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