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StubHub reverses course with “All In Pricing”. Is preloaded ticketing soon to follow?

By TicketNews Staff

Stubhub has announced that it will no longer be showing the all in price effective tomorrow, and will establish a floor price of $6.00 for all tickets.

New College Athletic Ticket Sales Group Completes First Annual Conference in Orlando

By Dave Young, RCN Capital

The National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations (NAATSO) is the first and only college ticket association. NAATSO launched into the spotlight in mid-June with its inaugural convention at the NACDA conference in Orlando from June 17-19. Over 100 attendees representing 87 schools nationally were on hand for the organization that gained over 200 members in just its first year.

Another NFL Team Cedes to Ticket Broker Lawsuit Pressure

By Michael Baldwin

In the not too distant past, sports teams and fans enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. Teams offered season tickets for sale, and fans purchased them. Teams would place print ads, run radio commercials and call past ticket holders for renewals.

Warriors Score Big on Playoff Ticket Prices

By Chris Dehnel, Contributor

In an e-mail to fans on May 29 the Golden State Warriors outlined the pre-sale options for tickets to the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena.

Those who didn't mind sitting upstairs in sections 226 to 231 could get a seat for between $1,000 and $1,120.

Lightning to Tampa Army captain – “You can sell your Stanley Cup tickets, but only to whom we approve”

By TicketNews Staff

This season, Paul Dhillon, an Army captain, splurged on two season tickets right behind the Lightning bench. When he tried to resell his tickets during the playoffs because of his Army training conflicts, the Lightning management threatened to cancel his tickets.

It's open season on the Secondary Ticket Market!

By Chris Dehnel, Contributor

It's open season on the secondary ticket market for another year in New York.

The New York Assembly took care of that by extending a pair of bills for another year that allows the re-selling of tickets. It is part of a major revision to the laws of 1920 relating to the regulation of boxing and wrestling matches, extended to "tickets to places of entertainment."

There is one big play left in overtime when it comes to a Super Bowl ticket snafu

By Chris Dehnel, Contributor

There is one big play left in overtime when it comes to a Super Bowl ticket snafu.

Fan Freedom Affiliate Alludes to Massive Price Fixing in the Secondary Ticket Market: Titans Caught Manipulating Ticket Sales

James Hodge, TicketNews

According to an investigation by News Channel 5 of Nashville, the Tennessee Titans manipulated ticket sales to achieve a record number of sellouts over the last 15 years.

K-Pop: Fad or Forever?

Shawntay Nelson, TicketNews

K-pop (Korean pop): Reportedly all the new craze, is so new in fact, that most of us have never heard of it, yet so sought-after by its loyal fan base that it’s taking nation(s) by storm. This new genre mixes music elements such as Pop (of course), electronic, rock, metal, and mostly hip-hop and R&B.

Restrictive Ticket Resale Legislation Deferred to Next Session in Florida State Legislature

By Chris Dehnel, Contributor

Big storm clouds looming on the secondary ticket market horizon have again blown out to sea in the Sunshine State.

Legislation - two bills actually - designed to place stricter rules on re-selling and in some instances criminal penalties for some re-selling, never made it to the respective floors of the House and Senate for final votes.

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