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RazorGator loses two more top execs as Sam Soni and Jason Parker resign

By Alfred Branch Jr.

Sam Soni and Jason Parker, two top executives at RazorGator, who were integral to the recent success of the company, have resigned effective at the end of the month. The moves mark the most recent resignations from the company, which saw the CEO of its RazorGator Experiences division, David Lord, leave in April.

Soni, who owned Encore Tickets, and Parker, who owned Sports Tour Classics, joined RazorGator three years ago when each sold their respective businesses to the company, at which time both agreed to stay on for at least three years.

In an exclusive interview, Parker told TicketNews that the decision to leave for both men was purely their own. Each will take time to consider their next moves and are in no rush to announce any plans.

Asked whether they have signed non-compete agreements, Parker confirmed they had, but he would not elaborate. "There is [a non-compete agreement] incorporated into our original contracts."

Currently, RazorGator is the country's sixth-largest secondary ticket seller, according to TicketNews's exclusive industry rankings, and the ninth-largest overall ticket seller.

But over the past 18 months, the company has seen several top executives leave as it seeks to improve upon its standing within the industry. The company has had three CEOs in five years.

Parker said he believes he and Soni, who was RazorGator's top executive on the ticketing side, are leaving the company in strong shape, having helped it land a major deal with the NCAA Final Four; new affiliations with NFL teams and the Super Bowl; and a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, among others.

"We really don't know right now what we're going to do," Parker said. "We're just going to see what's out there. I don't think the real future of the secondary ticket industry is completely defined yet."

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