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Beatles' sons to form a

James McCartney hints at forming band with Beatles’ sons

By Kelly McWilliams

James McCartney's recent comments to the BBC are causing a buzz about the possibility that a number of former Beatles' sons may one day form a band.

In a BBC interview published on the network's website April 2, the famously private McCartney told entertainment reporter Ian Youngs that he has some interest in forming a "second generation" band with the sons of former members of the Fab Four. He also alluded to conversations he has had with the Beatles' sons regarding such an undertaking.

"I'd be up for it," stated McCartney, the youngest son of Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda. "Sean (Lennon, John's son) seemed to be into it, Dhani (Harrison, George's son) seemed to be into it. I'd be happy to do it."

But the 34 year old singer/songwriter expressed some doubts regarding the participation of Ringo Starr's children.

"I don't think it's something that Zak wants to do," said McCartney. "Maybe Jason (Zak's brother) would want to do it."

And in response to Youngs' query, "Has [the question] been mooted?" McCartney replied, "Yeah, a little bit."

McCartney ended the discussion of this possibility with a definite "maybe."

"Yeah, hopefully, naturally. I don't know, you'd have to wait and see. The will of God, nature's support, I guess. So yeah, maybe."

It seems it only takes a spark to ignite a new round of Beatlemania for fans, with the musician's relatively non-committal comments leading to speculative stories everywhere in the media. A next-day Reuters headline regarding the interview story read, "Beatles offspring could form next generation band." And from April 3's Huffington Post: "The Beatles 2? James McCartney Hints At New Band With Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, Zak Starkey."

McCartney did what he could to lower the public's expectations in a subsequent twitter comment picked up by Examiner.com:

"Hi Everyone (sic)...well, looks like quite some attention being given to my BBC interview! Honestly, I was just thinking out loud about playing with Beatles family friends, nothing more."

What captured this widespread media attention was not actually the main point of the BBC story, which instead was focused on McCartney's efforts to launch his musical career with an April 3 gig at Liverpool's Cavern Club, the venue that made the Beatles famous.

According to London's Mail Online, McCartney ended up selling-out that performance, an intimate concert for the few hundred fans that the Club could accommodate. This event was part of McCartney's current tour of the U.K. and Ireland in support of his recent release, "The Complete EP Collection."

Next up for the guitarist is a tour of the U.S. and Canada in May and June. Stops on this tour include a variety of venues ranging in size from San Francisco nightclub Café du Nord to Connecticut's Mohegan Sun Arena to the popular Sasquatch Music Festival in Quincy, WA.

Whether this was a sly ploy to gain some traction for an upcoming tour, or simply a careless slip by a musician unaccustomed to the global spotlight, one thing is for sure: James McCartney has garnered much more attention, and potentially many more fans, for himself than he had just a week ago, and just in time for his British and North American tours.


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