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Springsteen plays second-fiddle to Madonna, Van Halen

By Jeremy Katz

The "Boss" may have to change his moniker to "Vice Boss" in 2012. Ticket sales for Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball Tour have been strong in 2012, as he sold the second-most tickets in gross revenue in both January and February according to data from Ticket Liquidator, the second-largest ticket marketplace on the secondary market. He can't seem to secure the top spot, however. In January, it was Van Halen's 2012 reunion tour leading the pack in ticket sales revenue. In February, it was Madonna and her 2012 MDNA Tour outselling Springsteen.

In January, Van Halen's 2012 reunion tour was the top-selling event at Ticket Liquidator. Van Halen fans flocked to see David Lee Roth and Eddie, Alex, and Wolfgang Van Halen reunite on stage with fans shelling out an average of $175 per ticket. Bruce Springsteen, despite ticket prices that averaged $238, finished second in overall revenue to the legendary rock group by more than 25 percent. Finishing a close third behind Springsteen was Drake and his Drizzy Drake tour, with gross ticket revenues only 5 percent behind Springsteen. Tickets for Drake averaged $159, the cheapest out of the three top-selling artists.

Madonna reigned supreme in February, beginning with her performance at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show and followed by the announcement of her MDNA worldwide tour. She was the top-selling event in gross revenue at Ticket Liquidator in February, outpacing second-place Springsteen by more than 50 percent. Bruce Springsteen ticket sales remained relatively flat in February, dipping about 6 percent from the previous month. The average ticket for Madonna sold for $253, while the average price for a Bruce Springsteen ticket was $228. Coldplay came in a distant third, with less than half the gross revenue in ticket sales compared to Springsteen. The average price for a Coldplay ticket in February was $185.45. Van Halen dropped to the sixth-most selling event in February, and Drake dropped to ninth During the height of Jeremy Lin's popularity, the New York Knicks were the top-selling event, but finished the month in eleventh place in gross revenue sales.

Second place is not too shabby, but it remains to be seen if Bruce Springsteen can catch Madonna, who is as popular as ever in 2012. For now, the "Queen of Pop" outranks the "Boss" of rock.

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