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Viagogo liquidates assets and moves to Switzerland

By Kristina LaFountain

Viagogo, the largest online resale ticket marketplace in Europe has liquidated its assets and moved its operations to Switzerland with offices in Zurich, making it exempt from the UK law which bans the resale of Olympic Games tickets.

According to Music Week, the company changed its name to Consolidated Information Services Ltd. last month before liquidating its assets and registering a new company in Geneva under the name Viagogo AG.

The relocation has led to speculation of whether tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games scheduled for July 27 would be resold on the site. However, a rep for the online ticket marketplace told Music Week that they would not be reselling tickets for the event.

According to recent reports by Pollstar, Harry Porter of Freud Communications, the company in charge of public relations interests for Viagogo, said that the move made sense in order to give the company a central European location since their operations stretch across the continent.

TicketNews recently discussed Viagogo's collaboration with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) that the company hopes will strengthen their relationship with Spanish fans and grow their position within the Spanish market. According to Pollstar, the collaboration and relocation means that Viagogo will be able to offer tickets left over from the COE's allocation since UK law no longer binds them.

According to an April 17 press release from Viagogo, the company will also partner with Aristeia Corporate Hospitality, a leading European creator of hospitality services for live sports and entertainment events.

While Viagogo will not be reselling any tickets for the Olympics, several national Olympic committees have selected Aristeia as their official ticket reseller. With web shops powered by Viagogo, the popular hospitality provider will be able to give their clients a safe and secure platform for all their ticketing needs.


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