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Cleveland Cavaliers Announce New Ticket Sales Policy

By TicketNews Staff

As many industry participants are aware, one NBA franchise, the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently announced a substantial shift in how they will execute ticket sales operations. It remains to be seen if this is more of an announcement than a literal plan of execution, but nonetheless this brings to the forefront the relationship between teams or venues and brokers.

StubHub CEO Chris Tsakalakis Resigns

By Darnell Goldson

Dave Brooks is reporting that StubHub CEO Chris Tsakalakis has left the company effective immediately, and is being replaced by North America Lead Noah Goldberg and CFO Ajay Gopal.

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RCN Capital Line of Credit for Brokers Growing Explosively

By Dave Young, RCN Capital

RCN Capital recently launched a new financing program for ticket brokers, and the response to this program has been extremely positive. This financing option is the first unsecured form of financing offered by RCN Capital.

Cat Stevens Blames Ticket Resellers for New York Concert Cancellation

By Darnell Goldson

In a 2007 interview with the New York Times, Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, mentioned that, though he has not sung any songs or publicly strummed a guitar in 30 years, he still receives more than $1.5 million a year in royalties.

What is a Real Fan?

By Darnell Goldson

What is a real fan?

Lately, big time artist have been referring to “real fans” when they discuss the lack of tickets for their shows. They want their “real fans” to attend, and feign true sorrow when the “real fans” can’t get tickets.

Protect Your Information: Lessons Learned from the Latest Hacking Event

By Darnell Goldson

It seems that every week a new headline emerges heralding the latest internet security breach.

Another Traffic Fiasco Keeps Fans from Concert

By Rachel Fogg, TicketNews

Thousands of people who had tickets to Paul McCartney’s concert in San Francisco on August 14th did not get to attend because of horrendous traffic. The traffic, which had many stuck outside the venue for hours, was said to be caused by a lack of an efficient parking plan at Candlestick Park.

Great Consumer Ticket Selling Program

By Rachel Fogg, TicketNews

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Financing Options for Ticket Brokers

By Dave Young, Manager of Ticket Financing, RCN Capital

Cash and cash flow are critical elements to any successful business to include the business of purchasing tickets to sell them across distribution networks for a profit. Ticket Brokers use a variety of tools and methods to finance operations to include self-funding, credit cards, lines of credit, and outside investors.

Contender.com Launches “Fee-Free” Ticket Marketplace

By Elizabeth Milton, TicketNews

Los Angeles-based Contender.com, a new online fan-to-fan ticket marketplace, has launched, with the purpose of helping buyers and sellers find an honest way to buy and sell tickets. The start-up has created a unique way for ticket buyers and sellers to negotiate ticket prices without the worry of hidden or tacked-on fees.

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