By Stacey Willets releases its exclusive weekly Top Tens today. Read on for a sneak peek of this week’s hot events. Though the...

By Stacey Willets releases its exclusive weekly Top Tens today. Read on for a sneak peek of this week’s hot events.

Though the dog days of summer haven’t quite officially begun, a lot of people are already looking ahead to September. While some of them are simply counting down the days until the big yellow bus comes to bring the little darlings back to school, many are reserving their tickets to the 2007 US Open. The annual Grand Slam Tennis Tournament, which runs from August 27 through September 9 this year, debuts at number seven on the Overall Top Events chart.

The US Open is just one of five sports events that dominate the Overall Top Events rankings. The Boston Red Sox spend another week at number two, the New York Yankees move up one position to number three, the Chicago Cubs advance two spots to number six, and Cuba replaces Honduras but keeps the CONCACAF Gold Cup at number ten . . .

Tennis fans aren’t the only ones planning ahead. The Philadelphia Eagles appear at number nine on the Top Sports chart this week although the NFL season doesn’t begin until early September. The slightly less distant US Open debuts at number four.

If “Carpe diem” is your motto, it’s not surprising that the top three sports rankings are held by Major League Baseball. With baseball season in full swing, the Boston Red Sox remain at number one, the New York Yankees take number two, and the Chicago Cubs advance one position to number three.

Cuba and the Cleveland Cavaliers slowly fade away to shadows of the past. Next week they will leave vacancies at the number five and six rankings on the Top Sports chart after suffering defeat in their respective championships.

It’s a widely held belief that “Sex sells,” but for Spring Awakening, a new Broadway musical based on Frank Wedekind’s controversial play about the sexual anxiety and self-discovery of teenagers in late nineteenth century Germany, eight Tony Awards do the marketing. Theatergoers who may have been avoiding the show’s taboo subject matter are now warming up to the highly acclaimed production. It debuts on the Top Theatre chart at number six and the Top New York City Theatre chart at number five this week.

The Top Concerts chart is filled with new events but familiar faces. John Mayer, Céline Dion, Keith Urban, and American Idols Live! are out this week. Toby Keith returns to the chart in the number four spot. Rush reappears at number five. Bon Jovi, who release their country-influenced album “Lost Highway” today, debut at number six. Ozzfest takes number ten.

Sir Elton John recovers better than the Black Knight, surpassing Monty Python’s Spamalot to take the number four ranking on the Top Vegas Shows chart. Spamalot drops one position to number five. Bette Midler sinks to seven, the lowest she’s ranked since the announcement that she would be Céline Dion’s successor to the stage. Mystère vanishes, but returns to the chart, ranking at number nine. Phantom is replaced by Mamma Mia! at number ten.

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