Oscar De La Hoya says he hopes to continue boxing and has set his sights on the U.K.’s Ricky Hatton for a 2008 bout.

De La Hoya told the press, “I respect Ricky Hatton. He’s a great fighter, he’s a great guy. If that fight does get made, fans all over the world will be ecstatic. They will see a fight. Ricky Hatton comes to fight. And that’s what I love. If we ever do it, it will be a heck of a show, that’s for sure.” . . .

Hatton thinks the fight is a good idea: “It would be an honor to share a ring with a modern day legend like Oscar. It would be some fight.”

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Hatton also thinks a fight between Floyd Mayweather and himself would be good, too. “I feel I have the style to beat him. But if Floyd won’t fight me maybe Oscar would. Oscar has never dodged anybody.”

Mayweather retired after his victory over De La Hoya, but has recently gone on the record, stating that he would “beat him (Hatton) all the way back to England.”

Last Updated on July 27, 2007