CBC News Canada reports that Tickets are still available for the Aerosmith concert in Charlottetown this Saturday, but organizers are talking to the fire marshal about how many.

There have been 26,000 tickets sold for Blast at the Beach at the Charlottetown Driving Park, which will feature Cheap Trick, Ciara, Christa Borden and Serena Ryder along with Aerosmith. . .

Aerosmith will play to no more than 33,000 people in Charlottetown, says fire marshal Dave Blacquiere.
(Claire Greenway/Getty Images) Concert promoter David Carver told CBC News Friday he didn’t know what would constitute a sellout.

“We’re still working with that number,” said Carver. “We just know tickets are still available.”

But for provincial fire marshal Dave Blacquiere, the number is settled at 33,000. . . (Full Story)

Last Updated on July 16, 2007

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