Letter to the editor

In a New York Post article, it appears as if Ken Sunshine was calling his boss Jon Bon Jovi a “lowlife.” This is the exact word he used to describe scalpers selling tickets to Bon Jovi’s free Central Park concert on eBay. Both Bon Jovi and Sunshine expressed their disappointment and disgust that people are attempting to turn a profit on this weekend’s show. Interesting since, as you may remember, TicketNews reported on how Bon Jovi joined the ticket scalping game last year.

I commend Bon Jovi. He lets his spokesperson speak his true mind no matter how it reflects on the band, as evidenced by Sunshine’s comment to the Post, “It’s a bad enough thing to suck money out of paid concerts.”

Congratulations to Bon Jovi on letting your workers voice their opinion!

Don Vaccaro is the CEO of TicketNetwork, the parent company of TicketNews.

Last Updated on July 13, 2008