“PhoneEvents.com Launches First Mobile Ticketing Easily Accessible on Any Web Phone”

OAKLAND, Calif. (EventMobile) Sept. 17, 2008 – To promote the first mobile ticketing service that can be easily accessed on any Web-enabled phone, including handsets with stripped-down minibrowsers or limited Internet usage plans, PhoneEvents.com and m.PhoneEvents.com will give away free tickets worth up to $250 in a drawing of registered users. The one-stop event sites combine the convenience of local and preferential listings with new “no-hassle” purchasing technology that works even on a basic clam-style Web phone.

Although the mobile lifestyle is accelerating, the vast majority of cell phones in use today still access the Web with the limited functionality that makes it difficult to complete a transaction without page loading errors or intolerably long delays. New smartphones often come equipped with fully operational browsers, but previous cell phones and current lower-end handsets generally have restricted Web capabilities or limited online usage plans that make the Web experience difficult.

From now through November 1, users who complete a private profile indicating their event preferences either on their computers at PhoneEvents.com or on their phones at m.PhoneEvents.com will be entered to win two tickets worth up to $250 to a selected concert or event. The ticket give-away to registered users will continue every 60 days on the service, which features one of the largest global event listings available online. Consumers also can create their own events for public or private posting and distribute event information to their private lists.

PhoneEvents.com features both ticketed venues, including tickets to sold out events, and non-ticketed activities such as local nightclubs, restaurants, community festivals, special-interest groups, business seminars and other connections. The mobile service provides access to all of the site’s EventsListings™ and MerchantListings™ by phone.

“The mobility hype meets the road at PhoneEvents.com and m.PhoneEvents.com. With our new technology, we cut through the delays and errors that frustrate consumers and allow them to immediately engage in the world around, wherever they are and on any Web-enabled phone or by computer,” said Curtis Broome, president of parent company EventMobile.

About PhoneEvents.com

PhoneEvents.com and the mobile service m.PhoneEvents.com are one-stop event sites combining preferential and location-based EventListings™ and sponsored MerchantListings™ with the first mobile ticketing service that enables users on any Web-enabled phone to simply and conveniently order tickets from their phones. The services allow consumers to use mobile devices to more effectively engage with the world around them, wherever they happen to be at the moment. m.PhoneEvents.com is both handset and carrier independent and can be easily accessed by phones with limited minibrowser functionality or restricted Web-access. Founded in 2004 by Curtis Broome, president of parent-company EventMobile, Inc., the service is headquartered in Oakland, Calif.

Last Updated on September 17, 2008