Ticket Drop Checker launched in mid-August as a new tool for brokers to track and find ticket drops to events that had previously not released certain tickets. Now four months later, the company continues to expand and has recently added new features to further assist ticket brokers.

In addition to continuing to allow users to monitor different events and receive alerts via text messaging, they can also search for specific ticket drops based on the quantity of tickets they want, the section and the price. Also, the user can now get updates about ticket presales for popular events.

Tony Buonopane, president of Ticket Drop Checker, told TicketNews that the company’s subscription list has grown from around 30 in September to more than 100 just a few months later.

“Brokers that know what they are doing are happy [with the service],” he said. “For every five people who sign up, one person would cancel.”

As with any business with competition on the market, Buonopane says that his company continually keeps its eyes on competitors and tries to stay one step ahead of them. They will look to improve their service even more in the coming months, as they plan to release a survey to their subscribers aimed at finding out more about what the customer wants.

“As our service has become more efficient, the competitors are not keeping up,” he said adding that they will soon look to expand internationally. “Our business plan is working.”

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Last Updated on December 15, 2008