The rankings are in, and the Minnesota Vikings (plus Brett Favre) make a strong showing, leaping to number two (3.67) on the Top Combined Events chart, behind the number one ranked Wicked (5.31). Jersey Boys remained at number three (2.38) while another NFL team, the Green Bay Packers appear at number four (2.33). The New York Yankees are at number five (2.03) and U2 are at six (1.97). The Boston Red Sox (seven, 1.89) edged ahead of Taylor Swift & Kellie Pickler (eight, 1.83), who take a tumble from their previously held number two spot. Manny Pacquiao is back in the rankings for his upcoming fight with Miguel Cotto at number nine (1.60). Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are still selling tickets, enough to propel them to the number ten position (1.50) from number fifteen.

In addition to the above musicians, AC/DC still has a top selling ticket, as that band is number three (3.89) in the Top Concert Events rankings. The Jonas Brothers fall from number two to number five (3.42). Fresh on the start of a new leg of her Circus tour, Britney Spears makes number six (3.05). Miley Cyrus is back in the concert rankings at number seven (2.23), and Pearl Jam make an appearance at number ten (1.83). Kenny Chesney is eight (2.09) and Kings of Leon are nine (1.88).

NFL teams dominate the sports rankings, and behind the Vikings (7.53) and Packers (4.77) are the Dallas Cowboys (seven, 2.54), Pittsburgh Steelers (eight, 2.27), and the Denver Broncos (nine. 1.79). The Texas Longhorns sneak in at number six (2.62) and rounding out the sports top ten is the WWE with a 1.96 power score.

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With a 35.04 power score, “Wicked” dominates the Top Theater Event rankings, followed by “Jersey Boys” (15.64), Billy Elliot (8.74) and So You Think You Can Dance? (four, 3.34). Fiddler on the Roof is number six (3.09) and South Pacific is number ten, power score 1.76.

The top three Broadway shows match the theater top three, with Little Mermaid following in number four (5.10). Lion King is number five (4.63) and at numbers six and seven are A Steady Rain (3.15) and West Side Story (3.06). Mamma Mia! reenters the Broadway rankings at number eight (3.00) and Phantom of the Opera closes the top ten with a 2.55 power score.

Bette Midler stays number on in the Vegas rankings with a 48.00 power score. Cher follows with a 33.03 power score. Donny & Marie Osmond (three, 2.74) are back in the Vegas top ten after a brief hiatus, as is Criss Angel: Believe (four, 1.97). Cirque du Soleil shows dominate the Las Vegas top ten, including: Cirque du Soleil – O (five, 1.90), Cirque du Soleil – KÀ (six, 1.66), and Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love (nine, 1.00). Vegas favorites the Blue Man Group are number seven (1.31) and pull ahead of Le Reve (eight, 1.21). Magician David Copperfield comes in this week at number ten with a power score of 0.75.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 8/23/2009

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 5.31
2 Minnesota Vikings Tickets 3.67
3 Jersey Boys Tickets 2.38
4 Green Bay Packers Tickets 2.33
5 New York Yankees Tickets 2.03
6 U2 Tickets 1.97
7 Boston Red Sox Tickets 1.89
8 Taylor Swift & Kellie Pickler Tickets 1.83
9 Manny Pacquiao Tickets 1.60
10 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tickets 1.50

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 8/23/2009

      Event Score
1 U2 Tickets 5.25
2 Taylor Swift & Kellie Pickler Tickets 4.86
3 AC/DC Tickets 3.89
4 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tickets 3.59
5 Jonas Brothers Tickets 3.42
6 Britney Spears Tickets 3.05
7 Miley Cyrus Tickets 2.23
8 Kenny Chesney Tickets 2.09
9 Kings of Leon Tickets 1.88
10 Pearl Jam Tickets 1.83

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 8/23/2009

      Event Score
1 Minnesota Vikings Tickets 7.53
2 Green Bay Packers Tickets 4.77
3 New York Yankees Tickets 4.15
4 Boston Red Sox Tickets 3.31
5 Manny Pacquiao Tickets 3.27
6 Texas Longhorns Tickets 2.62
7 Dallas Cowboys Tickets 2.54
8 Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets 2.27
9 Denver Broncos Tickets 1.79
10 WWE Tickets 1.58

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 8/23/2009

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 35.04
2 Jersey Boys Tickets 15.64
3 Billy Elliot Tickets 8.74
4 So You Think You Can Dance? Tickets 3.34
5 Lion King Tickets 3.23
6 Fiddler On The Roof Tickets 3.09
7 Little Mermaid Tickets 2.63
8 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 2.51
9 Mamma Mia! Tickets 2.00
10 South Pacific Tickets 1.76

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 8/23/2009

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 29.38
2 Jersey Boys Tickets 18.00
3 Billy Elliot Tickets 16.98
4 Little Mermaid Tickets 5.10
5 Lion King Tickets 4.63
6 A Steady Rain Tickets 3.15
7 West Side Story Tickets 3.06
8 Mamma Mia! Tickets 3.00
9 South Pacific Tickets 2.89
10 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 2.55

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 8/23/2009

      Event Score
1 Bette Midler Tickets 48.00
2 Cher Tickets 33.03
3 Donny & Marie Osmond Tickets 2.74
4 Criss Angel: Believe Tickets 1.97
5 Cirque Du Soleil – O Tickets 1.90
6 Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets 1.66
7 Blue Man Group Tickets 1.31
8 Le Reve Tickets 1.21
9 Cirque Du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets 1.00
10 David Copperfield Tickets 0.75