PRESS RELEASE: “Ticket News Announces Top Ticket Sellers for Week Ending August 22, 2009”

August 26, 2009 (Vernon, CT) – In what appears to be a large-scale action against dozens of ticket brokers all at once, Ticketmaster has begun to systematically block access to its Web site for hours or days at a time. According to TicketNews, the blockages appear to be generally aimed at brokers who heavily access the site looking for tickets, which on the surface might indicate that Ticketmaster believes that these brokers may be using automated software to do so. TicketNews learned that dozens of brokers who claim that they are not using such software have also been blocked, which has taken place periodically over the last couple of weeks.

Ticketmaster’s potential merger partner, Live Nation, apparently believing that a recent Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal show in Boston wasn’t selling well enough, discounted tickets to the event without first notifying the artists, according to representatives of the performers. In an angry letter to influential music columnist Bob Lefsetz, Raitt’s manager Kathy Kane criticizes the Ticketmaster for its actions because it gave fans the impression that the show was not selling well. According to TicketNews, the email stated that the show ended up being a virtual sellout, and of the nearly 5,000 seats sold for the August 15 show Live Nation, only a couple of hundred tickets were sold for the discounted price.


The top ten Overall Sellers Rankings remained relatively constant this week with Ticketmaster remaining at number one with a power score of 30.68. The only noticeable change occurred at positions eight and nine, with Ticket Web and ETix swapping ranks.


Seller WE 08-22-09 WE 08-15-09 4 Week Avg
Rank Power Score Rank Power Score Rank Power Score 1 30.68 1 30.03 1 30.62 2 20.14 2 19.48 2 19.54 3 8.17 3 7.69 3.25 7.61 4 5.48 4 5.73 3.75 5.97 5 3.33 5 3.08 5 3.31 6 2.48 6 2.42 6.25 2.30 7 2.31 7 2.23 6.75 2.21 8 1.77 9 1.53 8.5 1.66 9 1.60 8 1.77 8.5 1.64 10 1.16 10 1.27 10 1.23

Vivid Seats and TicketNetwork each ascended one position in this week’s Secondary Sellers Rankings, moving to numbers seven and eight, respectively. StubHub remained at number one this week, coming in with a power score of 38.37.


Seller WE 08-22-09 WE 08-15-09 4 Week Avg
Rank Power Score Rank Power Score Rank Power Score 1 38.37 1 35.50 1 35.93 2 10.53 2 10.78 2 11.23 3 6.42 3 5.96 3 6.37 4 4.45 4 4.31 4 4.28 5 2.29 5 2.62 5 2.51 6 1.88 6 2.45 6.75 2.12 7 1.88 8 2.10 8 1.99 8 1.81 9 2.02 9.5 1.84 9 1.77 7 2.28 7.75 2.03 10 1.64 10 1.88 8.5 1.91

Ticketmaster retained its dominance among the top primary sellers this week, finishing with a power score of 60.29. Ticket Web was able to move up in the top five rankings, landing at number four with a power score of 3.50. Smiths Tix entered the top ten list this week at number ten with a power score of 0.44.


Seller WE 08-22-09 WE 08-15-09 4 Week Avg
Rank Power Score Rank Power Score Rank Power Score 1 60.29 1 59.79 1 60.85 2 16.11 2 15.28 2 15.12 3 4.89 3 4.80 3 4.55 4 3.50 5 3.06 4.5 3.32 5 3.16 4 3.69 4.5 3.37 6 1.82 8 1.77 7.25 1.68 7 1.80 7 1.94 7.5 1.76 8 1.20 6 2.25 6.5 2.04 9 0.96 9 1.36 8.75 1.15 10 0.44 14 0.32 12.5 0.38 developed the algorithm for the exclusive weekly rankings of the industry’s ticket sellers. Top sellers rankings and power scores are based on web traffic received by a ticket seller’s website. The power score is highly correlated with the number of transactions from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary ticket market exchange. A top seller power score illustrates a given seller’s category-specific significance. Three factors obtained from multiple independent resources are used to compare sellers within a particular category.

1. Number of unique visitors (IP addresses visiting a website in a
24-hour period).
2. Number of visits (a series of one or more page requests by a visitor
without 30 consecutive minutes of inactivity).
3. Page views (the average number of unique pages viewed by a unique

Top seller power scores should only be used to compare sellers within a particular category. also ranks the top events weekly. For more information, visit
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Getting the best tickets is all about smart shopping — and we’re here to help! If you’re thinking of buying tickets to a concert, sporting, or theater event, here are some tips to enhance your shopping experience, and help you save money!

(1) Buy your tickets from a reputable distributor. If you opt to
purchase your tickets from an unknown vendor, be sure to research
customer reviews and/or call their customer service line to get a
sense of their level of service. Any reputable vendor should provide
customer service Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m., at minimum. The
TicketNetwork customer service center is open seven days a week from
7 a.m. – 1 a.m.
(2) Confirm the website check-out is secure. It is not enough for an
online retailer to “say” their website is secure – it needs to be
certified by an approved scanning vendor (ASV). TicketNetwork, for
example, is certified by ControlScan. In addition, it has added
EVSSL (Extended Verification Secure Socket Layer) check-out
security. You know a site is EVSSL secure when the URL bar at the
top turns GREEN.
(3) Always check the purchase guarantee. Any online purchase, from a
toaster to a car, has some type of purchase guarantee. While it may
seem tedious, it is in every shopper’s interest to read the fine
print. When purchasing tickets through, customers
are guaranteed a 100% refund in the event the requested seats are no
longer available.

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