Kathleen Philips is no stranger to Ticket Summit or the online ticketing industry. Currently the General Counsel at FanSnap.com, Philips was a panelist at...

Kathleen Philips is no stranger to Ticket Summit or the online ticketing industry. Currently the General Counsel at FanSnap.com, Philips was a panelist at the 2009 Ticket Summit in Las Vegas and will be reprising her role as a speaker at the upcoming 2010 Ticket Summit in New York City.

Her job at FanSnap.com, “a live event search engine for fans,” places her in the perfect position to keep abreast of the ever changing landscape of the legal and legislative challenges of the ticketing world. Prior to working for FanSnap.com, Philips was General Counsel for StubHub, were she was first introduced to the world of online ticketing. Philips recently took some time to talk with TicketNews about the current outlook for the ticketing industry as well as preview what she and her panel will be addressing at Ticket Summit.

TicketNews: Was there anything specific in your background that drew you to FanSnap and working in the ticketing industry?

Kathleen Philips: I had no experience in the ticketing industry when I joined StubHub- I’d previously been working in online travel [at Hotwire.com]. It’s hard to imagine switching back once you get involved with the people. The people here at FanSnap are really wonderful and I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the ticketing business.

TN: What do you see as challenges to the future of ticketing industry?

KP: The major issues currently facing the ticketing industry haven’t changed too much lately. The major focuses include online transactions, transferability of paperless ticketing, and local efforts to regulate ticket resale, which, while not as in the forefront and prevalent right now, still is a focal point of the legal and legislative end of ticket sales.

TN: Have you participated in past summits, and if so, what have your experiences been?

KP: Yes, I have participated previously. They are definitely great opportunities for sharing ideas with other people in the industry and focus on industry. It’s a great chance to network and meet new folks as well as discuss the current issues facing the ticketing industry.

TN: Can you give our readers some insight in what you are planning on discussing at Ticket Summit 2010?

KP: We haven’t gotten together to discuss what will be relevant yet- the legal ticket regulations changes so quickly.

We’ll probably focus on tips for ticket broker for how to get involved in the ticketing regulatory and legislative process. It will also be a chance to talk to new brokers who didn’t attend the last summit will be there, and there will be folks who have new questions for us to answer. And we’ll have new regulations and legislation to discuss as well.

TN: Finally, are there any particular individuals or companies you are looking forward to hearing from or talking to at the upcoming Ticket Summit?

KP: I’m always happy to meet new folks- particularly legal and legislative staff members that attend. It’s great to network with others in the business, so that when problems or issues arise there are other people to discuss them with.