Dustin Brighton, senior manager of government relations at eBay.com, will again be one of the speakers at the upcoming Ticket Summit, scheduled for January 13-15 in Manhattan.

Prior to working for eBay, Brighton was director for government affairs- Southeast United States for Microsoft Corporation. He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to TicketNews about his role at eBay, the future of online ticket sales, and what he and his fellow panelists will be discussing at Ticket Summit.

TicketNews: Could you give us a little background of how you got involved with eBay? Was there anything specific in your background that drew you to eBay and working with e-commerce?

Dustin Brighton: eBay and StubHub are incredible companies. I was drawn to my current position at eBay as I really enjoy advocating and educating the public with regard to the positive aspects of technology and e-commerce. Working for an organization that continues to assist in providing consumers the opportunity to enrich their lives through the use of the internet and the secondary market is very satisfying.


TN: What do you see as challenges to the future of ticketing industry? How is eBay planning on working toward combating those challenges?

DB: I believe the ticketing industry is evolving in an expedited manner as open and unrestricted e-platforms have provided event going customers greater access to events and choice regarding where and how to resell a ticket. Fans rights will need to be protected as this evolution has and will produce many interesting regulatory questions. Education from all of those conducting business in the secondary tickets market will be key to this preservation.

TN: Are there any specific individuals or companies that you would recognize as on the rise with the possibility to make a major impact in the future of the ticketing industry?

DB: Any new entrant into the ticketing market provides competition for those already active in this space. Competition provides the motivation to innovate and adapt. Consumers benefit as a result. The more, the merrier!

TN: What are your thoughts on Ticket Summit’s role in the industry?

DB: Ticket Summit provides an outstanding forum for those with an interest to network and ask pertinent and relevant questions regarding the industry and where it is headed. The education is well worth the time spent in attending.

TN: Have you participated in past summits, and if so, what have your experiences been?

DB: I have been fortunate enough to participate in past Ticket Summits, and the experience has been nothing but positive.

TN: Can you give our readers some insight in what you are planning on discussing at Ticket Summit 2010?

DB: We will be discussing what the potential regulatory landscape could look like in 2010.

TN: Finally, are there any particular people/companies you are looking forward to hearing from/talking to at the upcoming Ticket Summit?

DB: All of them!

Last Updated on November 9, 2009