Ticket search provider TicketSizzle.com joins the growing list of exhibitors for the upcoming Ticket Summit to be held on January 13-15, at the Waldorf=Astoria...

Ticket search provider TicketSizzle.com joins the growing list of exhibitors for the upcoming Ticket Summit to be held on January 13-15, at the Waldorf=Astoria in New York City.

TicketSizzle, a company conceived just one year ago and launched online three months ago, works to find ticket deals for consumers. Fans can browse the listings of primary ticket sellers, such as Ticketmaster alongside secondary ones like StubHub, TicketNetwork and TicketsNow, in order to find the best price for their chosen event. The company is in the process of signing up advertising partners and hopes to begin in earnest to drive traffic to the site over the next few months.

“Our intent is two fold,” CEO and co-founder John Diorio told TicketNews. “[First], to help consumers really understand that there are a lot of different ticket brokers out there, and …to provide a little more information about the broker to the consumer so that when they actually click and go over to our advertising partners’s websites, they have a little more knowledge about them. Our hope for advertisers is to drive a more qualified, better informed customer to [them].”

Diorio has attended two previous Ticket Summits, but this will be the first in which his company is officially involved. “Next month will be our first time as truly exhibiting, and we’ll have a product to talk about. As an exhibitor, [our goal is] to get our company name out to various industry players, small or medium or even the large ticket brokers.” Diorio hopes that the Summit will be instrumental in the company’s launch, “a big catalyst for us to really make the ticket providers…aware of who we are and why they should work with us.”

In terms of specific goals for this Summit, outreach is key, Diorio said. “We’ll have a team of people there, not only networking the conference but also networking the booths, explaining what TicketSizzle is and how we can help them.”

He added, “I think for Q1, [our goal is] truly to sign our first core group of advertisers. We’re hoping to have anywhere between 4 to 6 advertisers signed by the end of January.” Firming up these relationships and working to bring traffic to the site are the immediate goals for TicketSizzle.

In terms of challenges to business, Diorio sees a dynamic relationship between his young company’s growth challenges and the larger economic picture. “We have to prove ourselves, [but] how the different advertisers will react to spending money with us, or with anybody, [is a concern]. That’s going to be our biggest challenge, convincing the ticket brokers and resellers that as we drive traffic to them, that people will buy.”

Diorio looks forward to the upcoming Ticket Summit and the potential opportunities there for his company. “We are open to talk with everybody. We hope to see everybody at the show and educate them on TicketSizzle.”