TicketNews released its event rankings for the week ending June 27, and Jay-Z & Eminem make their first appearance in the overall top ten...

TicketNews released its event rankings for the week ending June 27, and Jay-Z & Eminem make their first appearance in the overall top ten at number one. Eminem released his album “Recovery” this month and so far the album has sold over 600,000 copies, making it Eminem’s sixth number-one debut. Jay-Z is still promoting his “Blueprint 3” album. The rap superstars will be performing in Jay-Z’s hometown of NYC and then in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit in September.

Wicked stays in the number two spot for the third week in a row. Paul McCartney’s Up and Coming Tour has been going on since March, but with new dates added in Philadelphia after what the Wachovia center called “the fastest sell-out we’ve ever had for a concert,” he is now number three in the rankings. Justin Bieber went from YouTube to arenas to number four on this list. Bieber’s North American tour starts tonight in Minneapolis and ends in December in Atlanta.

Fellow pop sensation Lady Gaga follows Bieber in the number four spot. The North American leg of her “Monster Ball Tour” began yesterday and extends until September. The team that Gaga likes to watch in her underwear, the New York Yankees, is number six overall with their rivals the Boston Red Sox following closely at number eight.

The Eagles are back on tour this summer, with five dates so far in Kansas, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Sales for those dates were good enough to give the band the number nine spot. Closing out the combined rankings are James Taylor & Carole King, whose “Troubadour Reunion” tour has remained popular enough to stay on the overall top ten list nine weeks in a row.

The musicians who made the overall top ten also make the concert top ten, with the addition of a few others. The Dave Matthews Band, who recently announced that they will not tour in 2011, were able to finish at seven in the concert rankings. “We’re excited to make this summer one of our best tours yet, and look forward to returning to the road in 2010,” the band said on their Web site. Michael Buble’s “Crazy Love” tour is moving enough tickets to give him a place in these rankings. He edges ahead of hard rockers Tool, who added new dates to their tour this past weekend.

The Yankees are the top team in the sports rankings, and their venue is also number one according to TicketNews’s exclusive venues rankings. Baseball teams dominate the sports top ten and include the Red Sox, the Minnesota Twins (three), Colorado Rockies (four), Chicago Cubs (five), Chicago White Sox (eight), and the Atlanta Braves (ten). NFL training camp begins at the end of July and already NFL teams are making the sports rankings. The New England Patriots are number six and the Dallas Cowboys are number nine. Wimbledon 2010 ends Sunday, but sales are still strong enough to put that event at number seven.

The theater and Broadway rankings show favorites “Wicked”, “Jersey Boys”, and “Lion King” on top. Fences, which won a Tony for Best Play Revival, made the top theater event list at number five. Newer musicals make the Broadway top ten, including The Addams Family, Memphis, and American Idiot, which is based on the Green Day album of the same name.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork ExchangeTM, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. Since the sum of all events’ power scores equals 100 in any given category, an individual event’s Power Score represents its category-specific significance. Top Seller Power Scores should only be used to compare sellers within a particular category, and not across categories.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 06/27/2010

1 Jay-Z & Eminem Tickets

2 Wicked Tickets5.42
3 Paul McCartney Tickets3.80
4 Justin Bieber Tickets

5 Lady Gaga Tickets2.91
6 New York Yankees Tickets2.00
7 Jersey Boys Tickets

8 Boston Red Sox Tickets1.67
9 The Eagles Tickets1.61
10 James Taylor & Carole King Tickets


Top Concert Events

Week Ending 06/27/2010

1 Jay-Z & Eminem Tickets

2 Paul McCartney Tickets6.74
3 Justin Bieber Tickets5.98
4 Lady Gaga Tickets

5 James Taylor & Carole King Tickets2.66
6 Roger Waters Tickets2.63

Dave Matthews Band Tickets

8 Michael Buble Tickets2.48
9 The Eagles Tickets1.97
10 Tool Tickets1.59

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 06/27/2010

1 New York Yankees Tickets7.85

Boston Red Sox Tickets

3 Minnesota Twins Tickets4.42
4 Colorado Rockies Tickets3.64
5 Chicago Cubs Tickets2.69
6 New England Patriots Tickets2.29
7 Wimbledon 2010 – Centre Court Tickets2.19
8 Chicago White Sox Tickets2.10
9 Dallas Cowboys Tickets2.03
10 Atlanta Braves Tickets2.02

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 06/27/2010

1 Wicked Tickets35.09

Jersey Boys Tickets

3 Lion King Tickets9.32
4 Billy Elliot Tickets5.05
5 Fences Tickets3.64
6 Phantom of the Opera Tickets3.61
7 The Addams Family Tickets2.23
8 Mary Poppins Tickets2.12
9 Memphis – The Musical Tickets1.74
10 South Pacific Tickets1.73

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 06/27/2010

1 Wicked Tickets

2 Jersey Boys Tickets11.19
3 Lion King Tickets10.41
4 Fences Tickets

5 The Addams Family Tickets5.00
6 Billy Elliot Tickets4.91
7 Memphis – The Musical Tickets

8 American Idiot Tickets3.07
9 Phantom Of The Opera Tickets2.43
10 Mamma Mia! Tickets


Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 06/27/2010

1 Cher Tickets74.40
2 Jersey Boys Tickets

3 Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets4.66
4 Criss Angel: Believe Tickets3.84
5 Le Reve Tickets

6 David Copperfield Tickets2.26
7 Jay Leno Tickets1.83
8 Jubilee! Tickets

9 Blue Man Group Tickets0.83
10 Fantasy Tickets0.68