PRESS RELEASE: “ Launches Free Online Event-Ticketing for Nonprofits in Time for Fall Gala Season” New York, NY ( August 17, 2010 –,...

PRESS RELEASE: “ Launches Free Online Event-Ticketing for Nonprofits in Time for Fall Gala Season”

New York, NY ( August 17, 2010 –, an online social hub of more than 75,000 philanthropically-minded, event-going individuals across the U.S., is today launching a state-of-the-art online event-ticketing solution. CharityHappenings Ticketing is a free service that allows nonprofits to list events, promote them, and sell tickets using an exclusive online management system (see product video here). Unlike other ticketing solutions on the market, CharityHappenings Ticketing provides nonprofits with unprecedented exposure to a broad community of individuals who are actively seeking-out and attending fundraising galas and cause-related events.

“We’ve created a ticketing solution that lets nonprofit event-planners give a much-needed shot of adrenaline to their attendance numbers and overall fundraising goals,” said Justin Baer, Founder and Publisher of CharityHappenings, LLC. “Every day, we reach thousands of philanthropically-minded event-goers for whom doing good and funding causes is a primary social outlet. By creating a mechanism that converts event-going interest into actual ticket sales, is able to better serve both its audiences: nonprofit organizations and the citizen-philanthropists who support them.”

CharityHappenings Ticketing goes live just ahead of the fall event season, when most nonprofit organizations choose to hold year-end fundraisers and galas. The software has already been thoroughly beta tested by a variety of nonprofits, including the Heschel West Day School in Agoura, CA, which will be hosting a “Backyard BBQ Concert” with Dave Matthews on August 22. According to Kim Cavallo, past board president of the school, “Exposure for our event skyrocketed once we went live with CharityHappenings Ticketing and gained exposure to their community. The management software was simple to use and the rich graphic interface allowed us to retain the look and feel of a printed invitation.”

CharityHappenings Ticketing helps nonprofits more effectively produce, promote, and profit from their fundraising events. From the main page at, event planners simply click on the clearly marked “Start Selling Tickets” button to begin the process (take a full tour of CharityHappenings Ticketing at After setting up an account, users enter event information into pre-defined fields. Next, users have the option to customize the look and feel of the page to match their organization’s visual branding. Additional customization options allow users to showcase sponsors, display auction items, collect donations, and promote the cause itself.

One of the most striking components of CharityHappenings Ticketing is a rich graphical interface which serves up an image of the printed invitation when prospective attendees land on the event page (see an example here). According to Baer, “Event planners continue to rely on costly print invitations because they feel it brings a sense of sophistication otherwise not attainable with online ticketing solutions. It was important that CharityHappenings Ticketing enabled nonprofits to capture that feeling of rich graphical elegance by replicating the print invite in an online environment.”

The cost of Charity Happenings Ticketing is completely free for nonprofits. Furthermore, unlike other popular ticketing solutions, CharityHappenings Ticketing does not charge organizations a fee when accepting donations through the event web site. CharityHappenings charges a nominal $0.99 + 3% fee ($7.49 max fee) to event-goers at the point of sale to offset its own costs and to support the promotion of the event to the larger community.

About CharityHappenings, LLC
Launched in 2007, CharityHappenings, LLC is the online social hub and community for the country’s most influential philanthropic society. With more than 75,000 active A-list subscribers, provides the inside scoop on local philanthropists, the hottest charitable events, and ways to get involved with causes. The site’s free master calendar is one of the most comprehensive listings of events, galas, and fundraisers in major markets across the U.S.

CharityHappenings, LLC publishes four newsletters for its community: The Circuit, which has been described as a “DailyCandy meets People Magazine;” Tying The Knot, an engagement announcement newsletter highlighting newly engaged philanthropic couples as well as the best events for meeting your mate; Get Involved, a unique newsletter featuring the best volunteer and board member opportunities; and Style Watch.

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