PRESS RELEASE: “New Concepts Software Releases Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0”

Roseville, MI (New Concepts Software) August 20, 2010 – New Concepts Software, Inc. announced today the release of their latest box office product, Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0. Fully integrated with Mercury Payment Systems TranSentry processing application, Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0. provides complete compliance with PA-DSS security specifications. Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0 is now able to process credit card transactions via Mercury Shield components, providing a path for merchant compliance with PA-DSS requirements.

“Compliance with PA-DSS for secure credit card processing is a pretty big deal,” said Monty Boleyn, President, New Concepts Software, Inc. “Merchants using older, less secure systems to process transactions risk data theft, and might even lose their ability to accept credit cards in the near term.”

In addition to PA-DSS compliance, Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0, adds many additional features not found in other ticketing systems. Merchandise and Food Service sales, such as concessions or souvenirs and dining are also possible with Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0, making Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0 ideal for venues with gift shops, snack bars, stores and dinner services.

“Many of our Performing Arts Centers rely heavily on donations for operating revenue” said Boleyn. He goes on to say: “To help with that, we’ve added complete Fundraising, Pledge and Donation tracking functions to the system, making Trak Pro 3.0 the most comprehensive system on the market today.” The fundraising module allows for the creation of a limitless number of campaigns, each with individual goals and incentives, and tracks both pledges and donations for each. Visiting patrons with outstanding pledges are “reminded” to honor their commitments during any other transaction, such as buying tickets.

Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0 also allows tightly integrated web operations as well. Jason Hargrave, principle web application programmer had this to say, “Using the latest in Microsoft Dot Net development tools, we were able to achieve seamless operations between In-House and Internet transactions.” Continuing along those lines, Hargrave added, “Our web based self service application allows for complete ‘Private Branding’, so that our client’s retain their individual visual identities.”

Another feature unique to Trak Pro 3.0 is 3 Dimensional venue browsing and seat selection. Ticket sellers are able to navigate throughout venues, large and small in true 3D representation. Hargrave points out, “Not only can an operator view 3D seating assignments in real time, we have the only system that allows users to select seats while viewing in 3D. It’s not just ‘eye candy’ any more.”

Wireless ticket scanning for validation and redemption is also possible with Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0. Scanning software is available for most handheld PDA devices running Windows Mobile 2005 or higher.

A Kitchen Food Prep Module is currently under Development for use with Tick-It! Trak Pro 3.0

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