PRESS RELEASE: “Crowd Seats Sells Out First Sports Ticket Daily Deal” LOS ANGELES, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) – Crowd Seats has sold out their first...

PRESS RELEASE: “Crowd Seats Sells Out First Sports Ticket Daily Deal”

LOS ANGELES, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) – Crowd Seats has sold out their first Sports Ticket Deal. The first Daily Deals Site for Sports Tickets offered their first deal in Los Angeles on Thursday, August 18th and sold out before the deal expired.

Crowd Seats offered 60% off Los Angeles Dodgers Field Level Tickets against the Colorado Rockies. The face value is $50 – Crowd Seats users were able to get in the crowd for only $20, with no added fees. For Crowd Seats Founder and CEO Justin Cener, it’s more than just selling out the inventory:

“Selling out our first deal is a huge achievement, but what we’re really excited about is the conversion rate we achieved. Crowd Seats converted at 3x industry standard, which speaks volumes towards the niche aspect of our Daily Deals.”

Groupon’s last publicized conversion rate was recorded at 0.565%. Crowd Seats reported that their first deal’s conversion rate was 1.521% or nearly 3x the average conversion rate of the industry leader.

Unlike Groupon, Living Social, et. al., Crowd Seats is a niche Daily Deals Site – focusing solely on sports tickets. When users sign up for Crowd Seats, they’re showing a pre-determined interest in buying sports tickets. On the other hand, Groupon users may have signed up for anything from skydiving lessons to local coffee discounts. Thus, Crowd Seats is able to offer its partner teams a much higher quality lead while boasting a conversion rate of 3x industry average.

Crowd Seats enables teams to generate revenue from otherwise perishable inventory by creating a medium for “last-minute” tickets. Sports teams can partner with Crowd Seats to feature distressed and/or last-minute inventory in front of local sports fans. For each ticket sold, teams can also count on additional per-cap revenue in the form of parking, concessions, souvenirs, and alcohol.

“Sports ticket inventory is perishable – if you don’t sell it, you lose it,” Cener says. “Combine ticket revenue with parking, souvenirs, & concessions and you have the perfect partner for Daily Deals.”

Sports Fans can sign up at to start receiving sports tickets at 50-90% off with no fees!


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