Two of the baddest rock and roll bands have come together again after 29 years for The Tour. Kiss and Mötley Crüe are touring across the nation on a 43 stop tour this summer. The Tour started on July 20 in Bristow, VA and will run until September 23 in Hartford, CT. The Treatment a U.K. rock band will also join the bands this summer for one of the most hard core rock spectaculars of the summer.

Kiss and Mötley Crüe are “not a co-headline but a double headline,” Sixx, bass player of Mötley Crüe said, according to USA Today. Each band will entertain the audience in their own elaborate ways with Tommy Lee’s drum roller coaster and Kiss’s rising platforms. Fire breathing, blood spitting, and pyrotechnics will always be had at the rock and roll shows.

However, they don’t want to out shine each other so Mötley Crüe will take it easy on the blood this tour. Sixx said, “Gene has been doing the blood thing since I saw them when I was 14 years old, so we’re obviously going to be respectful of that.” The two bands will be blowing things up though: “We both perceive pyrotechnics in an entirely different way,” according to USA Today.

Kiss has had a long 40 year old rocking career and they are not done. They performed a Farewell Tour in the Spring of 2000, but the band kept touring the world. In 2008, Kiss returned to the studio and made a greatest hits album, called “Jigoku-Retsuden,” which was only released in Japan.

In 2009 Kiss released their 19th studio album, “Sonic Boom.” This Fall, Kiss will released their 20th album, “Monster.”

Kiss formed in 1972 and fans became infatuated with their wild shows, makeup, costumes, and heavy metal rock music. The band has sold over 100 albums, including 28 gold albums, which is more than any other American rock band in history. Kiss became eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1999, however, the band has yet not be inducted.

Mötley Crüe say that Kiss is their biggest influence. They turned 30 years old last year and released their latest single, “Sex” on July 17, just in time for The Tour.

Mötley Crüe formed in 1981 and became heavy metal superstars. “Dr. Feelgood” sold four million copies and hit number one in 1989, “Theatre of Pain” made it up to number six in 1985, and “Girls, Girls Girls” sold two million copies and took number two in 1987.

Their greatest hits album, “Decade of Decadence” climbed to number two in 1991. Their latest album, “Saints of Los Angeles” was released in 2008. Many fans know Mötley Crüe by their rock and roll lifestyle and celebrity girlfriends. Tommy Lee married both Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.

The Treatment released their debut album, “This Might Hurt” in 2011 and they also released a five song cover EP in America the week of July 20, 2012. The band formed in 2008 and is influenced by AC/DC, Sex Pistols, and Aerosmith. Dhani Mansworth, the drummer, founded the band when he was only 15 years old and still in school at Cambridge, according to

Mötley Crüe and Kiss had a tough time deciding who should open for them, but they announced The Treatment would be joining them on March 29. According to, Sixx, said “I am very happy for them. We played them nine months ago on ‘Sixx Sense,’ and fans really loved what they are about.”

Kiss and Mötley Crüe also announced another show on September 29 in Mexico City, presales start July 30, general public onsales start August 1, according to To find out more information about The Tour and tickets visit: or

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