March 23, 2016 (South Windsor, CT) – Just one month after launching in mid-February, Grace Church Websites, founded by American business magnate and philanthropist...

March 23, 2016 (South Windsor, CT) – Just one month after launching in mid-February, Grace Church Websites, founded by American business magnate and philanthropist Don Vaccaro and pastor Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, has provided one hundred churches in low-income areas with free websites spanning much of the United States. These websites come with domain registration and annual renewal, website maintenance, a content management system, and hosting.

Mr. Vaccaro and Rev. Kimber launched the company in order to help churches – especially local, urban churches – better reach the people in their communities looking for a church family.

“When we launched Grace Church Websites, I knew churches across the country needed assistance with business development, but I was thrilled to see how quickly churches across the country completed registration forms on our website. I have devoted my career to building companies, hiring people from the community, and giving those employees and their families an opportunity to thrive, said Vaccaro. Churches who build websites through Grace Church Websites are offered an opportunity to connect directly with people in their communities, as well as to recruit, grow and prosper,” continued Vaccaro, who serves as CEO of Grace Church Websites.

“The church is a conduit to the community and in today’s times, to compete with the influx of national and international technological innovations, local churches must be given access and opportunity. Churches and their congregants must modernize in order to continue to remain relevant. These websites serve as digital front doors: welcoming newcomers, keeping members informed, organizing activities and sharing God’s love with their communities,” said Rev. Dr. Kimber, a founder and advisor to Grace Church Websites.

This is not the first time that Vaccaro and Kimber teamed up to help churches. Kimber, as the past president of the CT Missionary Baptist Convention introduced Vaccaro to a member of his association who was trying to replace his church, which led to Vaccaro providing much needed donations and loans to build a new church in the distressed Hartford Connecticut north end.

According to renowned national civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton, President and Founder of National Action Network: “Grace Church Websites is providing a need for faith-based organizations that is leading to economic empowerment, decreasing the digital divide, and diversifying the Information Superhighway.”

Pastor Ahmed Haywood, Senior Pastor at Trueworship Tabernacle in Corpus Christi, Texas agreed with Rev. Sharpton. “We are truly blessed that Grace Church Websites has provided our church with a free website, including development of its content and hands-on assistance with the design. In a short period of time, we have gained membership and our doors have been opened to a new array of potential congregants.”

There are no costs associated with a website set up through Grace Church Websites. Organizations interested in signing up for website services should visit their website at or contact