Lauryn Hill fans are demanding refunds after the star showed up not only late, but sick to her gig in Sydney, Australia Thursday night.

Hill, who is currently touring in support of the 20-year anniversary of her breakthrough debut record The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is known for her tardiness. At various shows on tour, Hill has shown up anywhere between 20 minutes and two hours late. Fans have purposely begun showing up late so they wouldn’t have to wait long for Hill to take the stage.

Last year, she addressed her tardiness, writing “I don’t show up late to shows because I don’t care” and that she has “nothing but love and respect for my fans.” She said the challenge she struggles with is “aligning my energy with the time.”

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However, when Hill visited Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena show last week, she was visibly sick. Ahead of her performance, the DJ warned that Hill was feeling “under the weather,” yet audience members noted that she looked faint at times and could barely hold a high note.

“REFUND REQUIRED: I’ve never walked out of a concert before,” one attendee wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “Tonight was a first. Hands down, the worst concert I’ve ever been to. Lauryn Hill was clearly too ill to perform. She arrived on stage 1.5 hours late and then proceeded to butcher every single song with her failing voice. The sound quality was terrible as they upped the bass and volume of the back-up singers to overcompensate for her poor vocal quality.

“Also, the concert should have been double billed as “Nas & Lauryn Hill” because he played for almost 1.5 hours and I did not pay $140 to see him.”

Another fan wrote that she was “totally and utterly disappointed by the whole show.”

“None of the songs sounded anything like they should, she killed them by changing them up,” the concertgoer wrote. “I was so excited all day waiting for the concert and I left angry and disappointed. Thank god for NAS, he saved the show! Definitely not worth over the $300 I spent. Refunds should be on offer….Will not see her again.”

Nonetheless, other attendees were happy that Hill even performed at all. One fan noted that although Hill wasn’t feeling well, her performance was “polished, artistic, and passionate.”

“Yes, Lauryn could have chosen to cancel due to illness,” the attendee said. “Respect to her that she did not, and instead gave us an opportunity to experience her unique artistry live in concert.”

“To anyone reading negative reviews, and thinking not to go to the concert do yourself a favour and just go!” another fan wrote. “Just hearing that iconic voice live – nothing like it. NOTHING!!!!”

It was reported that Hill’s opening leg of the Australia tour in Perth caused similar controversy; fans were upset after she showed up late. Hill is set to perform next in Melbourne on February 13, followed by a gig in West Melbourne on Thursday before wrapping-up the tour on February 16 in Auckland.

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Last Updated on February 11, 2019