On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers punched their passes to Super Bowl LIV in Miami – and set the final stage of the market for Super Bowl LIV tickets. For Kansas City, the win over Tennessee marks the franchise’s first birth in the big game since 1969, while San Francisco advanced with hopes for tying New England and Pittsburgh for the all-time lead in victories (a win in two weeks would be the Giants’ sixth). With one fan base seeing its first opportunity for tickets to see their team in the Super Bowl in over 50 years and another hailing from one of the most affluent areas in the country, it’s not surprising that the matchup has caused Super Bowl LIV ticket prices to climb upward.

Those hoping to score cheap Super Bowl tickets are seeing that window close, with the least expensive “get-in” Super Bowl liv ticket prices as of Monday morning hitting $4,488 for members of Ticket Club. (TicketNews readers can get a membership at TicketClub.com for free, BTW). That, like all the other “get-in” prices surveyed, is for a single ticket in the upper level end zone area of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Before the weekend, prices at Ticket Club had just gone above $4,000, making the Friday-Monday jump of more than 11%.

On other marketplaces we’ve been surveying, Super Bowl LIV tickets are well above $5,000 after fees are added. MegaSeats.com and Tickets Fee Free had been the other two sub-$5K get-in prices, but both moved past that landmark Monday, to $5,346 and $5,170, respectively. StubHub, which has consistently been the highest price among the surveyed markets, actually went down slightly – from $6,660 to $6,005. Taking the eBay-owned giant’s place atop the chart for the highest get-in price after fees is VividSeats, which had a minimum ask of $6,499 on Monday morning – up more than 12% from Friday.

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Super Bowl LIV Ticket Prices History – “Get-In” Minimum After Fees

Date NFL On Location Vivid Seats Ticket Club StubHub MegaSeats Tickets Fee Free
20-Jan $5,518 $6,499 $4,488 $6,005 $5,346 $5,170
Get-In Price Trend
17-Jan $5,630 $5,795 $4,029 $6,660 $4,800 $4,642
16-Jan $5,630 $5,812 $3,708 $6,660 $4,332 $4,189
15-Jan $5,630 $5,046 $3,708 $6,660 $4,332 $4,189
14-Jan $5,218 $4,611 $3,946 $6,755 $4,610 $4,493
13-Jan $5,375 $4,635 $4,086 $6,410 $4,773 $4,458
10-Jan $5,120 $4,635 $4,034 $6,105 $4,712 $4,436
9-Jan $5,120 $4,635 $4,034 $6,105 $4,712 $4,436
8-Jan $5,212 $4,635 $3,845 $6,105 $4,492 $4,230
7-Jan $5,212 $4,639 $3,845 $6,105 $4,492 $4,344
6-Jan $5,212 $4,639 $3,846 $6,105 $4,494 $4,346


Now begins the final stretch run for Super Bowl LIV ticket prices, as fans make the decision on whether or not they can make the trip to sunny Florida to see their team battle for the Lombardi Trophy. The teams are set, it’s just a matter of how much fans are willing to part with for the opportunity to say they were there in February.

Last Updated on January 20, 2020

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