While concerts and festivals are cancelled across the industry amid the coronavirus pandemic, promoters are hoping to keep live events alive with shows at drive-in theaters.

Cleveland will host Kukui Music Festival this summer in a drive-in format. The show will take place from July 3-5 in the parking lots outside of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium and Jacob’s Pavilion in Cleveland’s West Bank of the Flats neighborhood. Extensive protocols will be implemented to follow guidelines a part of Mike DeWine’s “Responsible Restart Ohio” program.

Ticketholders will be placed in two groups: one parking space will hold cars, and one will be for “raving,” the festival’s website notes. Those who choose to park in the Rave Parking Spot will be able to get our of their vehicle as long as they remain within their RPS and apart from other dancers during the show. Between four and eight people can occupy once RPS, and all must arrive in the same vehicle. A maximum of 2,240 attendees will be allowed at the festival.

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Kukui Music Festival Event Director Ishmael Khadair noted that throughout his years in the music industry, “there has never been a more important time for us all to connect, network and support each other.”

“We pride ourselves in forward thinking and innovation at Kukui HQ,” Khadair said. “We are a Cleveland-based entertainment group that wants to support Cleveland-based businesses and individuals. Together we can give Cleveland the positive distraction that it needs.”

While the lineup has not been announced at this time, the festival will reportedly bring in “some of Cleveland’s hottest local DJs along with the top DJs in the world.”

Ticket for Kukui Music Festival head on sale Wednesday, June 10 via Kukui’s website.

This is the latest drive-in music festival to be announced during the pandemic, following suit of New Jersey’s “Drive-In Live,” Yankee Stadium’s “Uptown Drive In,” and Houston’s “Metamorphosis.”

Last Updated on June 10, 2020