Broadway ticket sales for the week ending April 20, 2008 held steady with a take of $18,791,333, a slight increase over the previous week’s tally of $18,543,795. While this is good news for in the short term, the amount is still below the same period from last season, however,... Read more
Less than a year ago, Missouri legalized ticket resale, but the legislation was passed prior to the Hannah Montana crisis. So, in light of the public outcry surrounding the inability for parents and teens to get tickets to the hottest concert in the country, Missouri state legislator Roy Salva... Read more
Broadway ticket sales, which have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride as of late, improved for the week ending April 13 compared to the previous reporting period. Last week’s low was $17,944,821 compared to this week’s tally of $18,543,795, not counting the revenue of Young Frankenstein. The... Read more
It has been a long ride indeed for The Eagles, as ticket sales for their Long Road Out of Eden Tour earned the group fifth place on TicketNews’ exclusive Top Events chart for the week of April 14 – April 20, 2008. With a power score of 2.05, The... Read more
Rap superstar Jay-Z, currently selling out arenas on tour with Mary J. Blige, is reportedly in negotiations with Live Nation on a blockbuster 10-year, total entertainment deal worth an estimated $150 million. The deal would include albums, touring, merchandising and licensing, and would resemble a similar, $120 million deal... Read more
“Fanprice, Inc. Names Eric Natal To New Director Of Marketing Post” Los Angeles, CA (Fanprice, Inc.) April 21, 2008 – Fanprice, Inc., a new ticket exchange that lets fans set the price they want to pay for tickets, announces the hiring of marketing whiz Eric Natal for the newly... Read more
The Jonas Brothers continued their comeback and earned the title of Overall Top Event for the week of March 24-30, 2008 according to TicketNews’ exclusive rankings. Brothers Kevin, Joseph, and Nicholas Jonas climbed five more positions on the Overall Top Events Chart to rise up from their sixth place... Read more
The 2008 Broadway revival of South Pacific is an event to watch as it makes its way on to TicketNews’ exclusive rankings charts for the week of March 31 – April 7, 2008. The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, which opened on April 3, certainly made waves as it debuted... Read more
“Front Gate Solutions launches marketing module for its ticketing and online store software” Austin, TX (Front Gate Solutions) April 21, 2008 – Front Gate Solutions today announced that it has launched a set of marketing tools to help users of its web-based ticketing and online store software better understand... Read more
For the sports fan, there is really nothing more exciting than the playoffs, and with the NBA finalizing its post-season teams this week, both the NBA and NHL playoffs will soon be in full swing. The 2008 postseason for both leagues is set to be an exciting one, with... Read more