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The following is the text of a presentation given by attorney James D. Hurwitz at the recent Ticket Summit in Las Vegas. It is being reprinted as a Guest Commentary with his permission, and with the permission of the American Antitrust Institute, of which Mr. Hurwitz is a research... Read more
I’ve written about Vegas before, having spent several months working there as the Company Manager of Chicago at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, and having spent many hours there hunched over a poker table. I like Vegas. Where else can you stare at a beautiful nature-made mountainscape in... Read more
This past week I had the opportunity to attend Ticket Summit in Las Vegas. I was prompted to attend the conference when I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on ticket pricing. Prior to being invited, I am embarrassed to admit I had only known of the... Read more
Insurance is usually a dull and boring subject. Until June 25th, that is. Event insurance is a niche market, and like most other types of insurance, its contracts feature complex language and offer a variety of coverages that can be tailored to meet the insured’s needs. With the death... Read more
By Ken Davenport . . . both making M-O-N-E-Y. I snapped a picture of the red super-sized bumper sticker you see below at a toll booth right outside of downtown Boston. At first I thought it was a rogue “stickering campaign,” but then I noticed that the same red... Read more
By Richard Kastelein Dutch legislative update – Netherlands Socialist Party Member of Parliament Arda Gerkens – has been working on anti-Secondary Ticket legislation since 2007 – and is a member of the SP Executive Committee and heads its ICT and Pop music portfolios. The central thesis of the bill... Read more
By Richard Kastelein It’s not an easy task for legitimate, honest companies in the Secondary Ticket Market to shed the residue of the past with words like ‘Tout’ and ‘Scalper’ deeply ingrained in the English lexicon… probably since the days of Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre in London. But... Read more
By Jeff Liesendahl Credit card fraud is a key concern for online ticket sellers, and no wonder: Tickets to major music and sports events are in high demand and criminals are increasingly aggressive in finding new ways to make money from it. Ticket sellers invest a significant amount of... Read more
By Joe Cohen Increasingly, conversations about the business of ticketing seem to be about the blurring of the lines between primary and secondary markets. For consumers, buying tickets has been “blurry” for a long time. Additionally, it is not all that clear to many market players how the industry... Read more
By Eric H. Baker Back in 2000, when I co-founded StubHub!, secondary ticketing was a foreign concept. Consumers were skeptical that it was just scalping by another name, most states had strict laws preventing the resale of tickets, and the sports and music industries denied its existence. At the... Read more