In an unprecedented effort to increase security at this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing, tickets for the opening and closing night ceremonies are being embedded with microchips containing the ticket holder’s photo, passport information, address, e-mail and telephone numbers, according to officials. Organizers hope the increased surveillance will deter... Read more
By Petrina Crockford The president of Ticketmaster China last week predicted that this summer’s Beijing Olympics will sell out, a historic first for the world games. “We predict that this will be the first Olympics that it’s a ‘sold out’ Olympics,” Jonathan D. Krane told reporters during a press... Read more
In an unusual dispute, organizers of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are planning to stop a separate Canadian Olympic committee from providing tickets to the Vancouver Games to ticket brokers. According to Reuters, the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) will not disclose which group they plan to confront over the... Read more
The final phase of ticket sales for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China did not go much smoother than the first phase last October when its ticketing system crashed on the first day of sales. As the final 1.38 million tickets went on sale May 5, buyers complained... Read more
With just a few months left before the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, work on the venues continues at a furious pace, and citizens of other countries besides the U.S. are finding it difficult to obtain tickets. In a report by France 24 TV, French residents are having a... Read more
International movie superstar Jackie Chan is better known for his martial artistry than his riding skills, but the action actor is taking some time off this year from filming to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics, according to the Reuters news service. The 53-year-old Chan, who reportedly participated in a... Read more
By Brian Thompson The road to the 2008 Olympics Games in Beijing has been difficult for many athletes around the world. Fans are also learning that obtaining tickets for this year’s event is a bit of a struggle, too. The initial demand for tickets crushed the Beijing Organizing Committee... Read more
By Alfred Branch, Jr. Another day, another ticketing server crash. Following the debacle last week with hacked servers selling Colorado Rockies World Series tickets, the servers offering tickets to the Beijing Olympics crash earlier today, the first day tickets became available. Officials for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the... Read more and affiliate were offering tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver, B.C. Olympic Winter Games this week, despite the fact the tickets had not yet been printed, according to CBCNews. The tickets were taken down from both sites by Saturday morning, Sept. 22.... Read more
AEROINFO expects that the application of RFID technology (Radio-Frequency Identification) will solve some key problems in the Beijing Olympic Games, as well as set a great example for RFID applications in China. . . The Beijing Olympic Games will be held from Aug 8 to Aug 24, 2008. According... Read more