Since December of 2006, TicketNews top events and top sellers exclusive rankings have provided weekly fuel to data enthusiasts. This week, TicketNews will publish power scores (the measure by which rankings are determined) alongside weekly rankings. Power scores add value to the reader’s experience, since they illustrate category-specific weight.... Read more
Just when things looked so rosy for Broadway ticket sales, figures for the week ending April 6 took a bit of a nosedive. The total sum of box office sales was $17,944,821, considerably lower than the same week last year, as well as lower than the more than $21... Read more
The month of March saw fairly steady rankings within the top online ticket selling sites. Ticketmaster and StubHub dominated the month, remaining on top of the Primary and Secondary Sellers categories, respectively, in TicketNews’ weekly rankings. Following Ticketmaster in the Primary Sellers list were, which is owned by... Read more
As winter turns to spring, and spring turns to summer, there are few pleasures that sports fans love more than heading to the ballpark to see your favorite baseball team battle it out on a beautiful afternoon. In 2008, those sports fans are going to have reach a little... Read more
As the economy slows, ticket sales to some high profile events are beginning to take a hit as well. From Broadway musicals to sporting events such as NASCAR and Major League Baseball, slumping ticket sales have promoters questioning whether or not fears of a recession are putting the kibosh... Read more
Another up-and-coming week as Broadway box offices continue to thrive. The figures are all good; ticket sales for the week ending March 30 were $21,156,392 (not including figures from Young Frankenstein), almost a cool $2 million more than the same week last season and up from last week’s great... Read more
It seems that over the past decade, every time you turn around there is a new, bigger and better stadium being built in the NFL. And each time the price tag for these state of the art stadiums seem to be getting bigger as well. Another trend in the... Read more
Country superstar Kenny Chesney, the reigning Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year and one of the most consistent concert draws of the past few years, is mounting a 34-city, 36-date U.S. tour with LeAnn Rimes on his Corona Extra sponsored Poets & Pirates Tour. The tour kicks... Read more
Steely Dan, one of the most critically lauded bands of the past 35 years, will once again hit the road performing several concerts as part of their Think Fast, Steely Dan Summer Tour 2008 beginning June 8 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The first 14 concert dates have been released... Read more
In the wake of the Hannah Montana ticket fiasco, fingers have been pointed in various directions as people look for answers. But, one company has emerged as the villain, Pittsburgh-based RMG Technologies, whose software gives ticket brokers the ability to quickly navigate the Ticketmaster website and snatch up blocks... Read more