In a decision that spells serious trouble for RMG Technologies’s broker software and could effectively bankrupt the company, Ticketmaster has won an $18.2 million judgment and permanent injunction against RMG, which bars the company from creating software that gives brokers an advantage in buying tickets from Ticketmaster. The judgment,... Read more
As the saying goes, you can never have too much of a good thing. Well, the music festival industry is putting that to the test with new festivals popping up all across the U.S. and beyond. Thus far in 2008, ticket sales have been uneven for festivals with some... Read more
By nature, ticket brokers can be a very protective lot. For years, many have operated under the radar, in part because while most are legitimate, honest resellers of tickets, some are not, and it is the actions of some of those that have clouded the public’s perception of the... Read more
Chicago Cubs tickets, New York Yankees tickets, and Boston Red Sox tickets all made it into the top five on the Overall Top Events chart for the week of June 16 – June 22, 2008, according to TicketNews’s exclusive rankings. Though Wicked tickets claimed the first place position with... Read more
In a corporate shakeup that proves that even entertainment companies have their financial limits, Michael Cohl has resigned as Chairman of Live Nation and will transition into a consultanting role at the company. Cohl will receive a lump sum payment of $4.5 million for four years in consulting fees,... Read more
In a move it says will make listing, managing and selling tickets easier for large volume brokers, StubHub this week announced changes to its quarterly incentive programs designed to improve and streamline the process. The changes are scheduled to take effect July 1. But, whether the incentives will benefit... Read more
Approximately 15-17 million people are searching the Ticketmaster website for tickets each month, and more often than not, people looking for tickets to popular and highly anticipated events are disappointed to find that tickets for their chosen event are no longer available through the company, according to Ticketmaster CEO... Read more
Few subjects in the ticketing industry have been able to hit the nerves of fans and brokers alike, but one of them is the idea of artists, promoters or sports teams scalping their own tickets. Now comes word out of Chicago that their beloved Cubs may be doing just... Read more
Another week and another bump up in ticket sales on Broadway, which saw sales jump to $19,059,103. Although a comfortable increase of $819,423 over last week, this week’s totals still trail last year’s box office take of $20,065,645 for the same week. Judging by the last few weeks’ gross... Read more
In a move designed to muscle in on StubHub’s territory, TicketsNow today has begun to allow fans to directly list tickets for sale on its website for the first time. The initiative potentially will open the site up to hundreds of thousands of new resellers, and could help further... Read more