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Another injury puts Aerosmith back in the headlines, along with fictional band Dethklok, in the daily tour recap for August 6, as compiled by TicketNews. Aerosmith‘s current North American tour has hit another injury related roadblock, just shortly after recovering from a recent bout of cancellations. The rock group... Read more
Seasonal tour staple Trans-Siberian Orchestra and its extensive plans top the daily tour recap for August 5, as compiled by TicketNews. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has announced its plans for the 2009 holiday season, which includes more than 100 concerts from early November through the first days of January 2010.... Read more
New tour dates for Bob Dylan and AC/DC are just a couple of the top stories in the daily tour recap for August 3, as compiled by TicketNews. Living music legend Bob Dylan has announced plans for a West Coast tour for the U.S., which currently has seven shows... Read more