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  1. JDavis

    I’m excited about participating as a professional on the Customer Service panel during Ticket Summit.

    Question: If We’re So Good — How Come We Ain’t Better?

    The question above can be challenging to answer depending upon who you ask. Most consumers believe excellent customer service has gone away permanently — with no possible return to a vision that is warm, friendly or kind. Let alone, service providers who are knowlegeable, confident and competent.

    Generally, service providers attest to their extensive product and/or service knowledge training — claiming they are good at their jobs and that the customer’s expectations toward customer service excellence are beyond acceptable limits.

    Unfortunately, product/service knowledge training is not the only measurement of excellent customer service — especially when many employees lack effective comunication skills.

    What are some of the telephone communication skills your employees can improve upon?

    I travel throughout the country presenting our “Telephone Imagery” workshops, seminars and keynotes to corporations and associations — large and small. A sample of rsponses business owners, managers and supervisors offer is: “they’re rude,” “they talk to fast,” “they don’t take ownership for the problem,” “they have an ‘It’s not my problem attitude,'” “they don’t listen to the customer because they think they already know the answer,” etc., etc.

    I’m very interested in what specific behaviors your employees demonstrate today…that you wish you could change tomorrow in order to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and boost the image of your organization.

    Please email me at: [email protected] or [email protected]. Feel free to visit our website at http://www.phoneskills.com to see our Basic Program Menu for areas you think might be relevant — or reference comments you’ve overheard while customer service reps are interacting with your valued customers. You know…the kinds of remarks they make that cause you to cringe; or the language they use; or simply the manner (tone) in which they address your customers.

    Hopefully, I can address some of your major concerns during my 5-7 minute opening remarks.



  2. Jeremy T. Welsh

    Thanks for the introduction Jeannie!

    This is Jeremy from TicketNetwork, I will be moderating this panel at the Summit.

    Other panelists please feel free to introduce yourselves and add your voice to this discussion prior to the Summit.