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  1. Anonymous

    Here’s a idea, why not go all digital and stop printing our etickets, faxes (efax), p.o.’s I think it’s a complete waste of time and a cheap money/attention cry the whole going green. It’s working too, look at stock prices.

    Brokers don’t have a lot of ways to go green other than what is stated above. The tnetwork “going green” is just a cheap way for them to save on the power bill and attract some attention.

    Long as the planet last another 60-80 years I don’t care. That’s my kids issue. And before anyone sounds off on this statement, think about my next sentence. Health care and forcing senior citizen Americans to work at pizza hut for their medications or die because they can’t afford care is the real issue. That’s a right now issue, why not fix it or care?? Because it takes more effort and might cost you some money.

    Why not go after something that effects us NOW , like border jumpers soaking up social security, packing our prisons/jails and taking our jobs. Or health care letting REAL Americans DIE because they don’t have money for treatment, health insurance denying claims..

    Where’s my free ipod.

  2. Anonymous

    I know my last post won’t be posted or edited, due to you not liking it. which is why you can give out all the free ipods you like and this site will never have anything other than crap no it.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t even use an envelope, I just drop the tickets in the FedEx envelope and leave it like that. Been doing that for 5+ years and no issues. 🙂

  4. TicketSummit

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  5. HappyTickets

    I print two airbills per sheet. Flip it over, print on the other side, cut it in half. Reduces my paper consumption for airbills by 50%.

    I leave the envelope inside unsealed and with nothing written on it, so that it can be reused.

  6. sweet spot tix

    Regardless of why companies decide to “go green”, every little bit helps. I don’t care if they do it for media attention, we live on a finite planet that is not sustainable at the current rate we humans are using its resources.

    Unfortunately, our business uses a lot of paper. Recycling, electronic tickets and printing as little as possible are just some of the very small things we do to try and make a positive impact, however small that may be. It all adds up.

    See you at the summit!

  7. Stubsearch

    High Road spotted above this post. 🙂