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  1. whooknew

    In order to best serve the audience, it would be helpful if I could get a list of some preliminary questions. Let me know what you want to know.

    http://www.yoonew.com – The Stock Market for Tickets

  2. nickeve

    Here are some questions that interest me. Other readers, please post anything else you’d be interested in hearing about on the panel.

    1. Are these really futures in the sense that economic instrument is defined, or is this really just gambling? Since many people end up with absolutely nothing of value at all, it would appear to be a stretch to compare this to commodities futures trading for example.
    2. Even if you don’t call it gambling, it seems like it would make good sense to pay close attention to the odds in Vegas to determine how to price your futures. What sources of information do your users look to to help price their futures, and is there anything your site does to help price them?
    3. How does the younew model differ from FirstDibz.com (formerly the Ticket Reserve)?
    4. The multiplication factor is quite exciting. For example, in your writeup at https://www.yoonew.com/market/Info?pageName=howItWorks you describe buying 10 superbowl tickets and selling 5 tickets to each team in each conference (since in the end only 2 teams make it to the big game). Therefore, 10 tickets can be sold as if they were 160 tickets (5 tickets for each of the 32 nfl teams). Do you users tend to take advantage of this feature of the market?
    5. As exciting as this multiplication factor is, is the example you describe really short selling? You have to have to buy the tickets before you sell them. Isn’t this contrary to the classic shorting scenario where you borrow shares to sell?
    6. Have any regulatory agencies taken an interest in this market? (The CFTC for example).
    7. How can brokers benefit from the futures market?