Promoter Gabriel Reed Lands 57 Month Sentence for Fraud
Gabe Reed, a concert promoter who operated out of both Texas and California, was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison on Monday for his role in the defrauding of investors for at least $1.7 million. Reed, who pled guilty in November to one count of wire fraud, will... Read more
Live Nation Takes Over Maine State Pier Concert Series This Summer
The Maine State Pier Concert Series has been held by local promoter Waterfront Concerts for three years, but after the Waterfront owner’s domestic violence assault case broke news, the series booked a contract with Live Nation. Alex Gray, owner of Waterfront Concerts, became a part of the public spotlight... Read more
Fort Worth Fans Turned Away from Oversold Concert
Earlier this month, the Blues Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas was cut short by local Fire Marshals for overcrowding and fire hazards. Hundreds of ticketed fans never even got through the door. Now, local news site CBS11 says that these fans are awaiting refunds they may never see. Dallas-based... Read more