Coronavirus Study Finds Nicotine May Block Virus
The live event industry, among others, has been halted amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Researchers are looking at how the industry could resume to normal going forward and found a possible breakthrough.  Over the weekend, President Donald Trump suggested that injecting poisons may kill viruses in a semi-safe... Read more
Venue Renovations May Be Necessary To Safely Hold Sporting Events
In order to hold live events safely this year, the architect and engineering firm DLR Group says that venues may need to be renovated. The firm told CNBC that they have already inquired about adjusting stadium layouts for social distancing, at least for the short term. Don Barnum of... Read more
Doctors Warn Fans May Not Be In Sports Stadiums Until 2021
Millions are missing the thrill of sports these days, but being able to catch a game in person might not be in the cards for a while. The fast transmission of the novel coronavirus coupled with a lack of vaccine could likely keep fans out of sports stadiums until... Read more
Texas to Open Movie Theaters Using Checkerboard Seating
Texas will be the first state to allow the reopening of entertainment gathering spaces, with theaters allowed to operate when the statewide stay-at-home order expires Friday. Gov. Tom Abbott confirmed Monday that he would let his existing order expire, allowing businesses to reopen in phases. The news comes as... Read more
Revelations Drop Potential Worst Case Coronavirus Scenario by 94 percent
New data coming from random testing in New York and California brings with it the promise that the worst case scenarios for the toll that Covid-19 may have on Americans have been wildly overestimated.  While not cause for an immediate re-opening of regular life, the data suggests that the... Read more
Life Is Beautiful Festival Cancelled Due To COVID-19
Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful Festival will no longer go on as planned in Sin City this year. The three-day outdoor festival was slated to take place from September 18-20 across multiple stages in downtown Las Vegas, celebrating music, art, food, and comedy. Festival organizers revealed this week that... Read more
Fuller: Pandemic and Panacea: 19 Lessons To Learn From Covid
By: Eric Fuller Let’s dive in: Life is not a Disney movie. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you When You Wish Upon A Star — Leigh Harline & Ned Washington Disney movie lyrics are purpose... Read more
MLB Personnel To Take Part In COVID-19 Antibody Study
A national coronavirus antibody study is using thousands of MLB employees as test subjects. The study is being conducted by the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory, Stanford University and the University of Southern California and aimed at determining antibody proteins the blood creates after a person has been... Read more
INTIX Creates COVID-19 Relief Fund For Ticketing Professionals
The International Ticketing Association (INTIX) revealed the establishment of the “INTIX Member COVID-19 Relief Fund” this week. The fund, created in partnership with the INTIX Board of Directors and Stewardship Circle, will benefit ticketing professionals who are INTIX members by providing a one-time USD$100 assistance award. Any member can... Read more
Business Owners Sue in Connecticut over Covid-19 Closures
While federal and state officials spar over the pace at which to “reopen” the economy and get Americans back to their regular routines, at least one lawsuit has been filed over the ongoing closures imposed on the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Two business owners in Connecticut have... Read more