In the late 1990s, Creed’s independent debut album, “My Own Prison,” attracted the attention of several labels, but it was Diana Meltzer of Wind-Up Records who signed them and re-release the album. The second time around put the album in the “Top 40” on the “Billboard Top 200” list and resulted in several singles, including “My Own Prison,” “Torn,” and “One.” “Human Clay,” their second album, sent the band to the big time with hit singles “Arms Wide Open” and “Higher,” and put them at the top of the “Billboard 200” chart. Despite a positive fan response, critics have described the band as a “stale” and “unremarkable” version of Pearl Jam.

Alter Bridge formed out of the ashes of Creed’s break-up in 2004, retained all members except lead singer Scott Stapp, who left to work on a solo project. With new front man Myles Kennedy, Alter Bridge released two albums and has plans for a third, which they will begin production on once the Creed reunion tour draws to a close. The bands plan to co-exist, allowing Stapp and Kennedy time to work on their solo projects. Creed released their latest album, “Full Circle,” in October 2009, and a world tour is planned for March of 2010.