Before becoming a break-out artist on the seventh American Idol, David Cook had already released an independent album, “Analog Heart.” The debut album was awarded “Best Locally Produced, Independent Album” of 2007 by “Urban Tulsa Weekly,” and ranked fourth in the best CDs released in 2006 by “Music Equals Life.” In 2008 he beat out David Archuleta to become the seventh American Idol, releasing his self-titled, platinum-selling album later that year.

Cook broke a Billboard record in 2008 when eleven of his songs ranked in the “Top 100” chart, a record previously held by Miley Cyrus with six songs. His Declaration Tour started in January 2009 with his four other band mates from “The Anthemic,” Neal Tienmann, Andy Skib, Joey Clement, and Kyle Peek. Cook has been involved in several other performances, which include reappearing on American Idol where he sang his song “Permanent” in memory of his late brother.