Equus is a play that was written in 1973 by Peter Shaffer about a young man who has a pathological fascination with horses and gets treated by a psychiatrist. The 2007 London revival has been transferred to Broadway at the Broadhurst Theatre, running until February 8th, 2009. The play didn’t do so well however, even after their attempts at email ticket promotions and discounts.

In this broadway revival, Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths played the two main roles, which attracted a lot of press attention seeing as they both play in the “Harry Potter” movies and there was some controversy about a nudity scene Radcliffe had to do.

Two months after opening to a lot of buzz and generally good reviews for its young star, Daniel Radcliffe, the Broadway equine drama Equus is barely leaving the barn. The play, which has tried to trade on its mature themes and star’s “Harry Potter” fame, has tried email ticket... Read more
According to MTV News, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will headline the Broadway version of the smash London revival of Equus with his West End castmate, Richard Griffiths. “In all probability, if everything goes according to plan, it would definitely be me and Richard Griffiths and how many other... Read more