Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud
Billy McFarland, whose name rose to infamy after the implosion of Fyre Music Festival this spring, has pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud in the United States District Court in Manhattan on Monday, according to The New York Times. On top of a slew of civil and federal... Read more
Fyre Festival Founder in Trouble Again for Ticket Scheme
If you thought you’d seen the last of now-infamous Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland after he was arrested in New York with a criminal charge of wire fraud in June, you were sadly (for him) mistaken. Documents unearthed and reported by VICE News show that McFarland used his Fyre... Read more
Fyre Fest Placed into Bankruptcy by Judge
A judge has granted a request by creditors of the company behind the doomed Fyre Festival to place the company behind it into bankruptcy. The move comes months after the event – promoted as a luxury event on an island paradise and promoted by models on Instagram – was... Read more
Fyre Festival Founder’s Attorney Calls it Quits
Things continue to go sideways for Billy McFarland after the headline-grabbing collapse of his Fyre Festival this spring. McFarland was the primary driving force (along with artist Ja Rule) for the disastrous “luxury” Fyre Festival music festival during the spring. After receiving millions of dollars in investments for the... Read more
Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Arrested in New York
Already facing a number of lawsuits related to the implosion of the Fyre Festival earlier this year, Billy McFarland was arrested on Friday by federal authorities and charged with one count of wire fraud. According to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, he made false... Read more
Fyre Festival Organizer Attempts to Get One Case (of Many) Tossed
In the wake of the implosion of the Fyre Music Festival, promoters linked to the event have been hit with several lawsuits from disgruntled fans and investors, but promoter Billy McFarland is pushing to have at least one dismissed in the latest news out of the ill-fated festival from... Read more