Two Victims Of Fyre Festival Awarded $5 Million In Lawsuit Against Founder
Two concertgoers who attended the failed Fyre Festival last year in the Bahamas were awarded $5 million in a lawsuit against co-producer Billy McFarland. Last year’s Fyre Festival was promoted as a luxurious getaway with a star-studded lineup and chef-prepared meals. However, attendees showed up to a chaos-driven island... Read more
Ja Rule On Hook for Fyre Fest Debts, Per Bankruptcy Trustee Request
In another twist of the saga related to the now-infamous Fyre Fest, Ja Rule may be on the hook for the debts related to the imploded festival from April of 2017. Gregory M. Messer, appointed trustee in the liquidation process, has asked Judge Martin Glenn to require the co-founders,... Read more
Fyre Festival Founder in Trouble Again for Ticket Scheme
If you thought you’d seen the last of now-infamous Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland after he was arrested in New York with a criminal charge of wire fraud in June, you were sadly (for him) mistaken. Documents unearthed and reported by VICE News show that McFarland used his Fyre... Read more