Compliance With New AdWords Resale Policies Spotty at Best
While the recent certification process put into place by Google for secondary ticket sales sites looking to continue advertising their wares via the popular AdWords search engine marketing platform has drawn headlines, its actual implementation on the ground appears to be spotty (at best) in the second week of... Read more
Is the Hammer About to Drop For Ticket Resale Sites on Google?
Ticket resale operations could be in for a long night, as the deadline for submitting for Google’s “certification” process to continue using its AdWords platform to advertise will pass in the next few hours. If the current understanding of the shifting sands of Google’s new requirements is indeed in... Read more
Google to Require Ticket Resellers to “Certify” for AdWords
This week, Google quietly announced a new policy that could have a major impact on the ticket resale business. The web giant updated its AdWords system – where companies can bid on certain keywords to have their website pushed to the top of search result pages – to require... Read more