Concert At Marist College Shut Down Amid Bomb Threats
During a concert on Sunday night at Marist College, a bomb threat was reported, sending concertgoers into a frenzy as they tried to evacuate the building. The choral performance took place at the Culinary Institute of America. In the middle of the show, a woman reported a man went... Read more
Man Who Fired Gun at Ice Cube Concert Sentenced To Three Years In Prison
The California man who was shot by a San Diego County sheriff’s deputy after firing two shots in the air outside an Ice Cube concert in 2018 was sentenced to three years in prison this week. Daniel Elizarraras, 22, pleaded guilty to a single count of discharging a firearm in... Read more
More Than A Dozen Injured At Vigil for Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle
At a memorial to honor the late rapper Nipsey Hussle late last night in Los Angeles, 19 people were injured after something caused the crowd to break out into a stampede, causing chaos and panic. A group of 300 people were gathered around a candlelight memorial vigil for Hussle... Read more
Kevin Gates Show Cut Short Amid Gunfire, Chaos At Texas Venue
Rapper Kevin Gates was performing in Texas over the weekend when he had to cut his show short after gun shots were fired outside the venue, TMZ reports. Gates was close to wrapping-up his show at the outdoor venue Corpus Christi on Saturday when shots were fired around 11:30... Read more
San Francisco ‘Hamilton’ Show Ends Amid Chaos After Fake Gunshots
During a performance of ‘Hamilton’ over the weekend in San Francisco, theatregoers fled the venue in panic after believing there was an active shooter in the crowd. The chaos ensued after a member of the audience fell to the ground just as fake gunshots rang through the Orpheum Theatre... Read more
Fight Erupts During A3C Festival, Fans Flee Lil Wayne’s Set
A brawl began yesterday during Lil Wayne’s set at A3C Festival, causing fans to flee the scene and the rapper’s set to end early. A3C, which ran from October 3 to 7, is a festival and conference which empowers and inspires artists in the hip-hop industry. The 14th annual... Read more
NY Global Citizen Festival Ends In Panic, Police Refute Reports Of Shooting
Concertgoers left Central Park in a panic this past Saturday after hearing a loud noise which some believed to be gunshots at the Global Citizen Festival. When a loud noise erupted at the show, people began sprinting for cover, jumping fences, and trampling one another, witnesses said. While some... Read more
Will Audience Fear Lead to a Decline in Summertime Ticket Sales?
Concerts are supposed to be a time of unity and peace, but over the past few years, multiple violent incidents have brought a different type of energy: fear. As gun violence and bombings have made their way into the music scene, concert-goers have had to ask themselves more and... Read more