The Indigo Girls are an American folk music duo started in Atlanta, GA by Amy Ray and Emily Saliers in 1985. Their first single “Crazy Game” was released that year, followed by a six-track self-titled EP. In that same year, the pair released their first full-length album titled “Strange Fire”. In 1988, they signed on with Epic Records and had their first major-label release titled “Indigo Girls”, which hit the charts at the 22nd spot. In 1990, they won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album and were nominated for Best New Artist. They then went on to produce seven more albums with Epic Records.

In 2006 the Indigo Girls left Epic for Hollywood records and put out an album titled “Despite Our Differences”, but were dropped by the label during their tour in 2007. The duo now works independently and released their most-recent album, “Poseidon and the Bitter Bug,” in March of 2009. As of January 2010, they are currently touring the United States