Missouri Governor Approves Return Of Concerts, Live Events
The music industry is essentially halted, however, Missouri Governor Mike Parson decided to allow live music events to return to the state. Although the mayors of cities across Missouri are refusing to lift stay-at-home orders, including St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield, Parson is laying out a plan to... Read more
Survey Shows Americans Cautious To Attend Live Events Without Vaccine
Although music fans are craving live events now more than ever, fewer than half of Americans plan to go to sports events, concerts, movies, and amusement parks when they reopen to the public without a proven coronavirus vaccine, according to a new opinion poll reported by Reuteres/Ipsos. The poll... Read more
Study Shows Majority Of Consumers Craving Live Concerts, Events
Concerts — they bring people together, unite a group with similar music taste, and allow fans the experience to connect with artists they love. Concertgoers plan trips to different states and cities – even countries – to attend a music event. So, what happens when the industry is suddenly... Read more
Will Online Platforms Become the New Ticketmaster?
As the live event industry is halted, online platforms are rising to the occasion in order to keep the spirit of concerts alive. Artists have been taking to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch to perform livestreams – acting as a new norm in the industry. Live Nation even... Read more
AEG, Live Nation Sign Request For Federal Aid For Live Events
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the live event industry has been halted. Some of the top managers and producers have now come together to request federal aid as live entertainment’s revenue plummets. A memo, which was obtained by Billboard, asks Congress to expand the Paycheck Protection Act to entertainment with... Read more
Live Nation Reveals Ticket Refund Plan For Postponed, Cancelled Shows
Following harsh backlash from fans, Live Nation updated its ticket-refund policies for cancelled or postponed events amid the coronavirus pandemic. Originally, the company – along with its subsidiary Ticketmaster – said it would only refund ticketholders for events that were cancelled or rescheduled, not postponed, within a 30-day window.... Read more
Ticketmaster Issues Statement On Refund Policy After Public Outcry
After receiving harsh backlash from fans following a change to its refund policy, Ticketmaster is speaking out. Earlier this week, Ticketmaster quietly updated their refund policy, which stated that ticketholders may only receive a refund to an event if it is cancelled, not postponed. However, many people were hoping... Read more
Ticketmaster Draws Fierce Backlash Over Refund Policy Change
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, more and more concerts and festivals are being postponed. Now, fans are lashing out against Ticketmaster for their change in refund policy, as they’ll only refund tickets if an event is cancelled. Originally, fans were able to receive refunds “if your... Read more
Healthcare Official Offers Insight Into Return Of Large Events
Festivals and concerts have been postponed or rescheduled across the globe due to concerns over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The live event industry has taken a huge loss in revenue during this trying time, and one expert predicts that the industry will not fully resume until fall 2021. According... Read more
Airline Industry Warns Mass-Refunds Lead To Insolvency Crisis
Across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has caused multiple industries to suffer consequences. Venues have closed its doors, restaurants and shopping malls have shut down, and airlines could collapse. While companies have been trying to curb refunds in an attempt to stay afloat, government intervention might be necessary. Earlier... Read more