The Los Angeles Dodgers are a Major League Baseball team, who play in the National League Western Division. The Dodgers have a long and storied history in baseball, most of which did not come while playing in Los Angeles. From 1932 through 1957, they were known as the Brooklyn Dodgers playing in New York’s most populous borough. There time in Brooklyn even stretches far before 1932, when they were known by many different names, but it was as the Dodgers that New York fans began their love affair with the team. The most important moment in team history, and sports history, was when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier as a member of the Dodgers. From his first game through today and into the future that momentous moment will be remembered.

When the team moved to the West Coast, they had to re-establish a fan base and did that by winning on the field. Players like Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Kirk Gibson and Fernando Valenzuela helped grow the team in L.A., but during times with less than stellar star-power, the team did not sell tickets as well in the celebrity-driven town. But in 2008, the Dodgers got the celebrity that brought fans to the park in Manny Ramirez. Sales for the team and the secondary market will undoubted get a Manny-bump over the life of his contract.

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